Naimal Looks Gorgeous On Her Reception

Naimal Khawar is a Pakistani actress and an amazing painter. Her role as Izzah in ongoing drama Anaa won the hearts of the public. While everyone was busy pairing her with Usman Mukhtar, Hamza Ali Abbasi announced the good news about their marriage. 

It was a surprise for everyone as nobody thought about them before. Well, Hamza and Naimal tied the knot on the 25th of August in a small Nikkah ceremony where all their family members and close friends were invited. Hamza and Naimal looked perfect on their big day. 

Today, they had their reception. Many of the celebrities were spotted at the event. Naimal looked like an angel. She wore white color elegant long tail maxi with decent jewelry and makeup. Maha posted Naimal’s solo pictures on her official page to share them with her followers and to keep them updated. 

Here are some pictures of beautiful and gorgeous Naimal from her reception. Have a look!

Naimal 1 2

Naimal 0 1




Naimal 10

Naimal 1 1

Naimal 2 1

Naimal 3 1

Naimal 4 1

Naimal 5 1

Naimal 6

Naimal 7

Naimal 8

Naimal 9

Naimal 11

Naimal 12


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