Natural Beauties Of Our Television Industry

There are many beautiful and attractive actresses in our television industry but it is also a fact that not all of them are natural beauties. Some of them look good only when they wear a lot of make up and many others have undergone plastic surgeries as well. I would like to point out the names of those actresses here who are natural beauties, this doesn’t mean that there are prettier than all others in the industry but it means that they look good even if they don’t wear very heavy make-up.

Mahira Khan

Mahira is one of the very few actresses who actually wears very little make-up and still looks good. In fact she has the sort of face that will probably not look that good with too much make-up. Take for instance these picture, Mahira was the brand ambassador for some cosmetic company so she wore heavy make up (the first picture) but in my opinion the natural look suits her much more.



Ayesha Omer

Ayesha Omer also looks great in a casual look. Even if she wears no make up at all, she looks cute. The fair skin makes a big difference and she has cute features too. We don’t usually see Ayesha wearing tons of eye shadow or with very made-up hair in most of her dramas but she looks lovely nevertheless.

aysha omeraysha 2


Alishba Yousuf

I think Alishba looked her best in Ek Nazar Meri Taraf because she wore minimal make-up especially in the later half of the play. Alishba is most certainly one of those actresses who actually don’t look good in heavy make-up. A little foundation, mascara and lip gloss and this beauty is good to go! Her features are almost perfect too so there is no need for contouring.

alishbaalishba 2


Juggan Kazim

I know Juggan does not fall in the category of a typical Pakistani beauty but she is cute and looks just as good in absolutely no make-up look as she does in a lot of make-up. I have seen her many times in real life too, she looks a lot younger in real life than she does on screen and is equally pretty.



Zeba Bakhtiar

Although Zeba Bakhtiar is much older than the actresses I mentioned above but she definitely falls in the same category. She is also one of those actresses who actually look better with very little make-up than with a lot of make up. She has a glowing skin and very cute features.



Sanam Baloch

I have never liked Sanam Baloch in a lot of make-up, it makes her look a lot older than her age. On the other hand she looks adorable in a little make-up because she has a naturally cute face which does not require much decorating.



Samina Peerzada

Samina Peerzada is an ageless beauty. Her beautiful features combined with her brilliant acting skills still make her a show stealer. She gets just as much praise for her work as any leading actresses who people love. This list would be incomplete without her.

samina peerzada

Ayza Khan

I saw two episodes of Ghalti Se Mistake Ho Gayee, Ayza is wearing excessive make-up in that sitcom and it does not suit her at all. She looked great in Kahi Unkahi and Zard Mausam in which she had a more natural look. Ayza also has one of those faces that actually look better with less make-up.



Syra Yousuf

Syra Yousuf is hip and trendy. Her style is very casual and it suits her very well. I have never liked Syra in outrageous hairdos or red lipsticks. She carries the natural look much more nicely, she has very pretty hair which do not need a lot of work. Like many of the actresses in this list she is not a classic beauty like she does not have big eyes or a sharp nose etc but she is very cute and very stylish.

 syra yusyra yussyra yuse

There are many actresses in our industry who look great in make-up. Amina Sheikh is the prime example, no one looks as great in make-up as she does because the make-up completely transforms her. Do you agree with the list? Feel free to disagree. Also add to the list if you think there are other actresses who fall in this category.

Ayesha Ahmed

  • aqsa

    jugan and zeba nai achi baki sb pyari ha

  • saba

    saba qamar b makeup me achi lgti h n sanam jung simple achi lgti h

  • saba

    and ayesha omer nae achi lge is list me

  • hoorya

    sanam jung is also a natural beauty

    • Raniiaa

      Hahhahaha joke!

      • hoorya

        raniaa nah its true 🙂

  • hamxa

    Syra Yousuf Luking Too DAsHing Nd GorGeous

  • amir

    mahira is best

  • Anonymous

    Samina Peerzada, Sanam Baloch and Ayza Khan <3

  • Queen

    mahira ayesha omer the best!

  • rozi

    sajjal ali is missing the list other than that mahira aiza juggan r the best from the list

  • razla

    Again they missed sanam saeed as she looks really good without make -up…lux's chat is evident

  • mery

    mahira khan is sooooooooooooooo beautiful

  • jawadshafique

    sanam baloch have real beauty

  • iqra

    ayza is d gr8 one..

  • aqsa

    Aiza look good and perfect in make up and without makeup and in galti se mistake hogai main b achi lagti hai and Saba qamar,sanam Jung, are missing and I think all actress look best in makeup

    • fbn2

      I was about to say sanam jang is missing 🙂 she is extremely cute!

      • hoorya

        yeah i said the same
        sanam jung is beautiful ♥

        • adnan

          hi hoorya

  • saleha yasir

    Mawra looks so innocent without makeup ..she is a real beauty .

    • rozi

      not to compare with any of the beauties the writer mentioned mawra is normal looking

  • Aamna

    Aiza has real beauty 🙂

  • AiMon KhAn

    alishba,mahira,ayeza nd sanam baloch look beautiful with out make up <3

  • mehndi

    i dont think ayesha umar is pretty let alone beautiful,so naturally or with makee up she is not all that
    unless your criteria was "white skin"

    • Sonia

      I agree, the author only focused on lighter skinned actresses? I thought typical pakistani dilemma of "lighter skin" would change by the year 2013, I guess not.

  • sam

    mahira khan is so beautiful

  • Hammu

    Agree with the article.Our actresses don't need make-up to show their beauty! I would like to include Sanam Saeed and Sarwat Gilani.A few weeks ago they were at a premiere or something of a drama (I think it was Dhaani).And people said they came in simple clothes and were not wearing much make-up either.They were looking very pretty! I have seen that photo.

  • mahi

    Agreed with ur list except ayeza. She is looking beautiful in ghalti se mistake hogae. She never look so beautiful before.
    Mahira, Sanam and Syra really looks fabulous in little or without makeup. They actually don't need the aid of make up to look good.
    And about Aminah sheikh makeup transforms her but fails to make her look beautiful. Makeup only makes her bearable.

  • sadiqian

    sawera nadeem,saba qamar???
    Your list is incomplete without them :/

    • rozi

      sawera nadeem come on she is just a normal looking woman with make up even

      • fbn2

        Are you kidding?! She is amazing!

    • mahi

      saba qamar is a makeup beauty.

  • rozi

    the two best natural beauties aiza khan and mahira khan

    • seemi

      only aiza

  • Lawangeen

    nice choice….
    i like Suzain she has a very natural beauty…and of course mahnoor balouch..also javeria abbasi & sanam iqbal,sania saeed.

  • Syra.

    In this list U Forgot 2 very Important names: MAHNOOR BALOCH & ATIQA ODHO I think they deserve to be on this list!!!!

  • khadija

    aap sub ki soch ghatya hai mahira mahira lgae hue hai ar juggan ko b sanam bloach iz the real beauty then saira then alishba then aiza then samina then zeba and Ayesha omar

    • ramsha

      only aiza khan is a real beauty

  • diya

    na… among them only ayezah, alishba and sanam r natural beauties!!! But I wonder why didn't you include erum akhtar in this list!

    • rozi

      sanam does not look very beautiful without make up

  • ramsha

    no one is beautiful than aiza khan

  • mano

    what about sadia khan???

  • ibneHasan

    Ypu missed Sajal and Mawra… sad indeed to see Ayesha and Juggan instead of them

  • saira

    aiza is natural beauty of pakistan

    • malikgulfam89

      sister u like aiza';/., i 'm agree

      • saira

        yes i really like aiza…….she is so pretty

        • malikgulfam89

          yes '''''' Aiza really beautiful girl in pakistan Inustry '

          • saira

            then why you like mahira

  • sana

    ayza khan is great one

  • fahad

    great article.yes i agree with you about ayeza.i saw her last year in mahi aayega and she weared a lot of makeup in that drama and she was not looking good in that makeup but in kahi ankahi and mi raqsam she was looking good without it.alishba also looks good without makeup.

  • navaira

    sanam baloch ….
    sajal and sanam jhang are the cutest bt are nt included in this list 🙁

  • hoorya

    AYEZA is the best
    adhori aurat m b usne kam makeup kia he n she luk superb

  • Ammaar

    list is incomplete without "SANAM JUNG"………..She is very cute

  • Maryam

    you missed out Mawra and her sister as well as Sanam Jung

  • Nawal

    Mawra Husain also look great with less makeup on n sarwat gleani as well
    People who think that sanam Jung is a natural beauty are absolutely wrong no doubt she's cute n attractive, I like her as well. But still she wears a lot of makeup n she wouldn't look that pretty without makeup on

  • maria

    u missed mawra she is da cutest 1 .. & her sister urwa tooo… <3

    • Liz

      R u krazy??? Hehe

    • nimra

      yes definetly

    • aiza ali

      haan naaaaaaa

  • saiba

    aiza has complete features. nose eyes color.eyerything perfect.

    • saida


      • fatima


    • aiza ali


  • abdullah

    SANAM JANG has a lot of natural beauty she should also be included

  • diskus

    you basically wrote the same thing for everyone!

  • nimaa

    u ve missed mahnoor baloch she has a natural beauty this list is incomplete without her

  • mano

    mahira has real beauty

  • paki1

    what about Sofia mirza, host of NAchle with waqar zaqa, she adorable as well
    and i didnt think alishba is a natural beauty untill now

  • klkldkal

    I just think that aiza is little more beautiful without make up than mahiraand syra,she just doesnt need a hint of make up to look desirable,she was just born adorable.

    • Saida

      Aisha Khan is more pretty without make up, with make up I think you all are missing one name Mehwish Hayat.

  • Love Pakistan

    one and onl sanam baloch or sab se koji marasan mahira

    • aiza ali

      ooooooooo bad remarks…..very bad mind ur language if uo dnt mind plzzzzzz

  • farhana

    i think natural beauty of pakistani actresses is aiza mahnor bloch and sanam bloch

  • yousafkhan

    all of them are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful

    • aiza ali

      uo make evrybdy happi any ways gud job bossssssss

  • Zahabia Rashid

    U havent mentioned saba qamar n atika odho

  • syra's biggest fan


  • Maham

    Mahira izz best…….specially in Humsfrrrrrrr…

  • madiha

    saba qamar

  • anjum hussain

    Why ayesha khan is missing, she is gorgeous and how aboutmarina klhan?

  • sumayya abid

    ayesha omer♥♥♥

  • Moon Khan

    Atiqa Odho, Mahnoor Baloch, Saba Qamar, Aisha khan and Sanam jung are missing this list is incomplete without them.

    • nimra

      Yes mahnoor baloch nd saba qamar should be in list..zeba bakhtiyar
      ko aesy he daal diya list mei

  • nehabibi

    pta nai log itna Q ayza ko pasand krte hen she is prety but not soo beautiful bs color fair h or to koi attraction nai h isme…mahira is realy so much preety saba qamar ,humaima and ayan ali boht pyari h

    • aiza ali

      see mahira in shehr e zaat uo will definetly chng ur comment hahahaha…..ovr all gud decent but nt natural beauty…although ALLAH has created every one equally face n complexion doesnt matter

    • Sadia Abbas

      I totally agree. She has perfect features but she's not classy. Mahira may not have symmetrical features like Ayeza but she has style and unbeatable charm

  • nimra

    Mahnoor baloch ko ais list mei hona chaiye …R u agree ???

  • anadil


  • nazia

    where is SAJAL ?

  • aiza ali

    i dnt think sanam baloch deserves this list………….

  • aiza ali

    first uo pepole must define natural beaty…that is purity of heart that is withot ornaments n without make up bt jus the innocence of ur character

  • Jia

    Zeba, Alishba, and Mahira are not natural beauties! I dont see whats so special about them.

    • Mysha

      mahira khan is counted in south asia's most attractive girls………………….she is really attractive n deserves to be in this list

  • asim khan

    all r best but saba qamar sanum jangnd mahnoor baloch nd few others [whose nams i missing now ] must be included

  • flowers

    zeba and mahira are natural beauties!!

  • qudsia asad

    Mahira Khan…. THE BEST undoubtedly

  • Mahnoor Farooq
  • ramsha saleem

    All arevery beautiful but Sanam is Sweetyyyyyy…..