Naveen And Azfar Talk About Their Married Life For The First Time

Naveen Waqar and Azfar Ali’s marriage was nothing short of a shock for people because of many reasons. Firstly because Azfar Ali left his wife of so many years to get married to Naveen Waqar. Secondly because Naveen had gained immense popularity due to Hamsafar in which she played a negative role of a girl who wrecked someone’s house. Also because no one knew about their affair before they broke the news of their marriage. Many people called Naveen a real life Sara. Most people were not happy with the wedding at all. Naveen and Azfar felt the backlash therefore they decided to go into hiding. They have finally decided to come out of hiding, they are giving interviews and are also playing the lead in the upcoming sitcom Uff Meri Family. Naveen and Azfar are promoting the show to the max.


While giving interview to a local newspaper Naveen said, “Had it not been for Humsafar, my marriage wouldn’t have been such an issue.” Azfar on the other hand says that it is their business how they tackle with the complications resulting from their marriage. He said, “I can’t even call it right because there is a second woman and my daughter involved in it. I don’t want to explain to people how great I am with my daughter and how often I interact with Salma. That’s simply our headache.”


He also thinks that people make right things look like they are wrong. He thinks he did nothing wrong by getting married to Naveen but people make it look that way. According to Azfar, “The beauty of it all is that having done the right thing makes you a wrong person or to make it clearer, having done something legal makes you immoral.”

Azfar feels that his fans have disappointed him. He remarked during the interview, “A fan is someone who stands by you through thick and thin, and shows support irrespective of the decision that you are making in life. And by that logic, I don’t think that I had any fans.”


Naveen admits that it wasn’t easy being married to someone who already had a daughter. She said, “To be very honest, I was very scared before getting into this and didn’t know how Fatima (Azfar’s daughter) was going to react to it……I am building a relationship with Fati (Fatima) and by the grace of God, she has warmed up to me. Whenever she comes over, we hang out, watch movies and chill out.”

Azfar also said that Salma (his ex wife) had been very supportive, “If she wanted, she could have created a furor, but I am glad she understood and made things easier for both of us.”

They Both Appeared on Morning Show on HumTv. You can watch it on


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