Neelam Munir & Sami Khan’s Upcoming Drama

The Chuppan Chuppai actress, Neelam Munir has several successful dramas to her credit. She is now all set to star in Geo’s upcoming drama titled Tere Bina opposite Sami Khan. Tere Bina is directed by Syed Ali Raza Usama and produced by Aijaz Aslam under the banner of Ice media and entertainment.

HIP got in touch with Neelam to find out a bit more about the drama and here is what she said,

“The play is very family oriented and I am sure the viewers will enjoy watching it. It is about a girl who does everything within limits but one wrong decision on her part to run away from home goes against her and from then onwards her life is spent just paying for that mistake.”

She further added,

“My character is a middle-class girl and as I said before one wrong move and she pays for it all her life. The ironic part is that she never planned to run away but due to some circumstances she had no choice but to take that step. The play will be dealing with girls who run away and how their lives are affected”

On being asked if there’s a message for the boys in Tere Bina, she replied,

“Yes absolutely, it is for the boys too as they make promises to the girls but seldom abide by them. This carelessness on their part fools the girls and causes them to take drastic steps that they regret all their lives.”

Rimsha Butt