Nehal Hashmi at his Best!

So, the dramatic version of speech put forward by Nehal Hashmi, makes you wonder Nava Ayan Soneya?

“The one you judge is the son of our Prime Minister. You will not be spared (To Whom It May Concern). We will reduce the space for you and for your family in the country”

This is what Mr. Hashmi had to say in his melodrama of a speech during his address at Youm-e-takbeer event in Karachi.

After the Gullu buts, we have Mr. Nehal trying to tell who the nation is dealing with and interrogating the Prime Minister is definitely not a good idea but little did Mr. Nehal know that his own actions would cause his suspension.

While Mr. Hashmi goes on threatening, we see a man with expressions those of Maula Jutt , standing at the back, reminding us of Sultan Rahi and the threats given gave a fair representation of a Pakistani movie from 90s.

This has been such an unlucky move by Hashmi, causing him a great deal. Immediate actions were taken against his speech, for it raised a lot of questions on JIT and judges involved in investigation. The information minister Maryam Aurengzeb, while calling the speech Hashmi’s personal opinion, confirmed his suspension as a senator and that the show cause notice has been issued to Hashmi.

Imran Khan, declared the threatening speech as a shameful act while Khursheed Shah, the opposition leader said that the supremacy of the institutions is being questioned which will not be allowed.

Loyalty serves as the best characteristic in a politician but Mr. Hashmi’s loyalty caused him enough trouble. That is what we call “tough luck “.


Maryam Suleman