New Crush In Town: Dr. Asfandyar!

After Momina Mustehsan, Aima Baig, Danyal Zafar and Fawad Khan we have a new crush in town. Yes, you guessed it right; that is Ahad Raza Mir aka Dr. Asfandyar. People have fallen in love with Yaqeen Ka Safar and many are crushing hard on Dr. Asfandyar. Here are some views of people after watching Dr. Asfandyar:


People compared their family doctor to their crush and were a bit envious of Asfand’s patients:

His each step is being followed:

It is getting difficult for fans to get over Asfand and Zubiya’s cuteness:

Everyone wants to be looked at by someone the way Asfand looks at Zubiya:

Because aap mujh se naraz hain never gets old:

And the only time when your HOD calling you out won’t hurt like being hit with a gunshot:

Yaqeen Ka Safar has made people reconnect to the Dhoop Kinare era and got a new crush for the audience too!

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