Teri Raza Episode 13 Review – Ridiculous!

Ohkay so, just when I think Suhana’s character can’t get more ridiculous, guess what, it does. I am surprised at all the twists & turns that the writer has added only to make sure that ex girlfriend & ex boyfriend do not forget about each other, in a nutshell this is what Teri Raza is all about!

So, after his engagement, Rameez has suddenly realized that he can’t be without Suhana. I don’t know why but I feel Suhana brings out the worst in Rameez, because when he was over her, he was pretty sane & decent but ever since he has started getting inclined towards her again, he has lost his marbles. It is sickening to see Suhana meeting Rameez again & again even though she keeps on saying she doesn’t want to see him again but the fact that she still meets him states the opposite. I must say I laughed a lot when Rameez told Suhana to ‘SIT’, if I am not mistaken this is the command that people usually give to their pet dogs!

To be honest, I can’t stand Suhana’s character, the way she portrayed herself as a rich spoiled brat who sheds her burden on her servants was ridiculous. Just because she was sore that Rameez & Jeena got engaged & despite wanting to she couldn’t be with him, she literally insulted her servant. I hate the way Suhana keeps on guilt tripping Imtiyaz as well, it was so obvious that she was salty at the news of Jeena & Rameez’s engagement but when Imtiyaz asked, she easily put the blame on people inquiring her about her child? Also, when Imtiyaz tried to tell her to be rational in dealing with the servant, she made him feel guilty because he wasn’t siding with her insane existence! It is sickening to see a ‘munafiq’ character like Suhana on screen who hides her inner most demons & puts up a facade of being a victim. Suhana is a dishonest character in my opinion where she keeps on lying to her husband to save her sorry being, yes, she doesn’t love him but the least she can do is be honest with him.

Suhana & Rameez met an accident & even though Imtiyaz did all he could to make sure Suhana had all the attention in the world but when he just tried to know the reason why she was with Rameez, Suhana put up another drama to make Imtiyaz feel guilty. It is sickening to see her doing everything that she wants but when asked, she literally makes Imtiyaz feel like the worst person in the world to question her intentions. I hate the fact that Suhana is getting away with everything despite being wrong & the one who is putting up with all her tantrums is still the one at the receiving end of her fury!

The preview of the next episode once again showed more or less the same thing where Rameez will be pestering Suhana to break her marriage. Oh well I forgot to talk about another funny character – Daadi. First off, her fluctuating hair-color in both the scenes was amusing & then Daadi talking about ‘giving azaadi to Suhana’ was such a thigh slapper. I remember she was the one who spoiled Suhana to no end & when Talat would try to remind her of her responsibilities, Daadi would stoop in to stop her, but oh well, every single character in this drama is a lunatic, so why am I expecting Daadi to be any different. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Teri Raza.

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