Nida Yasir Amazing Transformation Over The Years

Nida Yasir is known as the only morning show host right now whose show gets the ‘ratings’. Nida is really proud of the fact that while all the other morning show hosts got tired of hosting these shows, she still enjoys hosting them even after all these years. Nida Yasir has been hosting morning shows for more than 11 years now. That is the reason why she is a household name now. Not only this, but Nida is also really generous when it comes to sharing her pictures on Instagram. She also often talks about her experiences and calls her viewers, followers, and fans her meka (parents house). She is also one of those celebrities who are constantly coming under criticism for some reason or the other.

Like many other celebrities who have been associated with showbiz for decades now, Nida Yasir has gone through a major transformation too. If we look at Nida’s pictures from the time when she was a young VJ and now, the difference is crystal clear. Everything from Nida’s sense of style to the way she gets herself photographed has changed. In this picture taken at the start of her career, Nida’s hairstyle, make-up, and even her outfits are completely different from the look we see Nida sporting nowadays.

Nida Yasir 6

Nida Yasir and Whitening Injections

Nida Yasir has promoted plastic surgery and whitening injections on her morning shows many times. There were also rumors that Nida herself got some procedures and whitening injections done. When asked in an interview whether Nida had gotten whitening injections or not, Nida dodged the question. She also went on to say that she was not ‘promoting’ whitening injections or plastic surgery on her show but she was merely ‘educating’ people who would like to get these procedures done. Here is another comparison collage of Nida in which the change in her look and the way she carries herself is as clear as daylight.

Nida Yasir 1 2

The Change In Style

Nida Yasir herself stated in an interview that she looked after herself more than she ever did before. She said that it wasn’t because of different procedures that her looks had changed but it was because of the time she was investing in herself. Before while getting her pictures taken, Nida used to be more spontaneous and candid. In recent pictures, she makes sure that her poses and expressions are perfect.

Nida Yasir3

There is obviously a big difference in the way she styles her hair. Nida Yasir natural hair is thin and wavy, now her hair has more volume due to new techniques by way of which hairpieces and extensions can be used to make the hair look healthier and more attractive. Apart from that, the make-up Nida does now is entirely different from the ones she did in her pictures before. Naturally being part of the entertainment industry has groomed her in many ways.

Nida Yasir4

Nida Yasir and Plastic Surgery

While Nida Yasir has never said that she got any kind of surgical procedure done to change her features, It is obvious that her lips look plumper and the fine lines around her mouth are completely gone. Botox is a basic procedure that most celebrities turn to in order to get higher cheekbones and get rid of these fine lines. Looking at these pictures, it seems like Nida definitely took some help from some of the plastic surgeon friends she invites to her morning shows.


Apart from that, her nose looks much more narrow now and it isn’t just contouring which has made this difference. Well, one thing is for sure that Nida Yasir looks a lot more trendy and modern today then she did when she joined the industry. It just goes to show how much difference good make-up and using the right styling techniques make to a person’s outward appearance. The change in Nida’s hair color has also given her a completely different look.

Nida Yasir6

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