Nida Yasir Planted Show Exposed Badly

Our Morning Show hosts already don’t have much of a credibility and people are criticizing them all the time for staging things to attract the attention of the viewers. The most common tactic used my most Morning Show hosts is to invite husbands and wives on their shows and show them having fights live. In this video Nida Yasir has invited two such couples to her show. In the first clip she even criticizes the audience for clapping because she says that it is very insensitive of them to be cheering when someone’s marriage is breaking apart. The husband walks out of the show because he is angry at his wife for insulting him on live TV. The organizers of this show have done everything to convince people that these are real couples and not actors.

As it turns out both these couples who were shown as real life couples with real problems in Nida’s show are actually paid actors who have worked on other channels too. It is disappointing to see that our Morning Show hosts choose to such cheap tactics to get TRPs. The viewers want to ask Nida the same question which she asked her audience, is this a joke for her? Does she think that people enjoy watching couples fight?

Watch the video here to find out how Nida Yasir is making a fool out of everyone.