Nida Yasir Shares A Memory From Her Childhood

The current we are living in is the era of technology, mobile phones, computers. We are surrounded by technology 24/7; we see even little kids playing games on mobile phones, tablets, laptops 24/7. There was this old era where people would prefer to go out, socialize with people, and make memories. People would send their kids for outdoor games and that time literally made us have a collection of some wonderful memories.

While recalling childhood memories, Nida Yasir shared her memory from childhood where she arranged the wedding of her hen with a cock. She further told that her mother cooked Chicken Biryani the same day she arranged the wedding ceremony.


Other guests on her morning show shared their memories from their childhood diaries. Benita also shared how, like everyone, she arranged a proper wedding ceremony for Ken doll and her Barbie, and in return, she received many gifts.

Being in the current generation, we really think it’s time to take a little detox from technology and socialize with people around us.