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Nida Yasir’s Farewell Message For Sanam Jung

Nida Yasir and Sanam Jung both are morning show hosts who have been hosting shows for many years now. Usually there is a general impression that morning show hosts are in competition and that they do not get along. Nida Yasir definitely proved everyone wrong there when she made a heartfelt call in Sanam Jung’s last show on HUM.

Nida Yasir did not only wish Sanam Jung well for her future but also said that she had complete faith that Sanam will do very well in the future because she was so talented.

She also said that Sanam Jung was one of her favorite morning show host because of her spontaneity.

Nida also said that she especially liked Sanam because she was intelligent and she knew how to win the hearts of the viewers. She said that in her opinion winning the hearts of the viewers was not easy but Sanam did it without trying too hard.

Sanam also revealed that Nida Yasir had helped her a lot whenever she needed guidance in any way so she was very thankful to her for that.