Baba Jani Episode 14 Story Review – Emotional

Baba Jani Episode 14 Story Review – Tonight’s episode of Baba Jani was intense and with this episode, the course of the story changed altogether. Even though initially I was expecting Sadia to die much sooner but I am glad the writer gave her so much screen time because her character exited from the story at a time when she will be missed the most. The goodbyes were extremely emotional and the way Nimra clung to her Baba Jani showed the strong bond they shared.

A Shock For Asfand And Nimra

Sadia made a conscious decision to end her life when she stopped getting the treatment she needed in order to stay alive. Her failing health was not noticed by people who were close to her because she did whatever it took to hide what was going on. It took Najeeba and Naila just a few weeks to convince a completely happy and confident woman that her existence was a source of trouble for the man who had done so much for her. Najeeba and Naila played mind games which ultimately led Sadia to make a decision which did more harm than good. Asfand and Nimra had no idea what was going on. Nimra did not really find out that Sadia opted not to get the treatment done but Asfand found out the truth. Asfand was shocked to hear what the doctor told him but there was clearly no time to think about why Sadia had done this. This entire development was covered convincingly. Nimra’s frame of mind and her reaction to all this was the most emotional part. Madiha Imam played her role brilliantly, her expressions and her overall performance couldn’t have been more impressive. Faysal Qureshi made you feel for Asfand every step of the way and he also translated those scenes so well on screen which showed that looking out for Nimra was his top priority.

Najeeba and Naila Are Ruthless

These two sisters are the most ruthless characters since they were not satisfied even after Sadia passed away. The way Najeeba looked forward to the news and the manner in which she gossiped about it made me look forward to the time when she will be finally paying for everything she has done. Although I absolutely hate both these characters but I have to say that Saba Hameed and Sundas Tariq both have played their roles so well. These two characters however are so dark, they do not even have an ounce of sympathy for their brother or for anyone else.

Baba Jani Episode 14 Story Review - Emotional
The Goodbye Scene

The last scene covering Asfand and Sadia’s final goodbye was extremely poignant. Savera Nadeem and Faysal Qureshi acted superbly and the dialogues were written beautifully too, they were short yet meaningful. It was however strange that Asfand did not run to get the doctor or nurses when Sadia stopped responding. If there was a scene showing the doctor telling Asfand that Sadia was going to leave him any second now before this one, his acceptance of her death would have made more sense.

Nimra Did Not Get To Say Goodbye

It would have been good if Nimra got to say goodbye to her mother when Sadia was awake and responding. Asfand sent her back home and never came for her, will she forgive him for that? The preview of the next episode suggested that this was not going to be an issue but it did seem like it should be.

Overall Impression

I was not expecting Sadia to die in this episode therefore this was a shock for me as well! The way everything was covered was logical since the way Sadia gave up everything altogether, she couldn’t have survived for too long. There were some details which were missing, like how did Sadia convince her doctor and why the doctor did not get in touch with her husband who was regularly coming with her to get the dialysis done. The performances tonight were exceptional and this episode was extremely poignant. Sadia is going to be missed and I feel for Nimra already! Will she be able to survive all the hate which took away her mother’s life? The preview of the next episode showed that Mehwish and Asfand will meet once again. Waiting to see how their track is taken forward from here on. Asfand’s real test begins now!

How many of you watched tonight’s episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

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