Nida Yasir’s Reply To Her Critics

Recently Faysal Qureshi said on his show that he does not believe in totkas for losing weight but he did not really demean anyone. He also supported what he said with logic which made perfect sense. Nida Yasir however it seems took Faysal’s comment about morning show hosts making a fool out of people by recommending these totkas personally.


Although Nida did not address Faysal directly but the timing of what she said was such that one can easily presume that she might have been giving Faysal a reply. There were many experts on this particular show who contributed in some way to this discussion. While talking on her show about the effectiveness of herbal remedies she supported her claim with some personal experiences. She said that she meets people all the time who criticize her for recommending herbal remedies because they believe that such remedies are useless.

Nida Yasir said that she honestly felt that these remedies alone do not help anyone but when aided with proper medication and precautions, these herbs can facilitate and accelerate the healing process. Nida said that her mother had a serious heart condition which she cured to a great degree by using herbs regularly.