Nida Yasir’s Son Balaj’s Cutest Wedding Plans

Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz is one couple with the longest running and the strongest marriages in the Pakistani showbiz industry. The couple has always given importance and kept their focus on the importance of marriage and relationships which Nida often emphasizes in her show daily. Nida and Yasir are parents to three children. Though two of them are grown up now, their third son Balaj is young and definitely a cutie.

Nida Yasir's Son Balaj's Cutest Wedding Plans

Yasir Nawaz had some time off at his hands and he took the opportunity to spend it with his youngest where he interviewed him about his opinions on life and little Balaj has some interesting plans for marriage. On asking whether he would marry by his own choice or his parents’, Balaj was sure that he is going to marry someone he likes.

Nida Yasir's Son Balaj's Cutest Wedding Plans

Here is what Balaj has planned:

Yasir then candidly asked Balaj if she will consider marrying by his parents’ choice if they request him. This is what Balaj considered doing and he also has plans on what he will do if he has disagreements with his better half in the future.

Nida Yasir's Son Balaj's Cutest Wedding Plans

These are his plans:

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