Nigar Film Awards Postponed

Initially, Nigar Awards were the only awards that gave recognition to the Pakistani film industry. Now, after 12 years, the prestigious awards were all set to make a comeback on March 16. However, the 47th Nigar Awards have been postponed. Ever since the organizers announced the comeback of the award ceremony, Nigar is making news for all the wrong reasons.

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First, there was a controversy surrounding the nominations and later another controversy emerged related to the contract issues. Considering these events and in a bid to avoid further issues, the award ceremony has been pushed ahead. Earlier scheduled to take place on March 16, the event will now be rescheduled at a later date (late March or early April).

“Due to unforeseen circumstances and the damage caused because of some rumours against us, we’ve decided to delay it for a few days,” a source close to Nigar Awards told Instep. “It won’t be a good idea to go on with the proceedings amidst so many issues that have been coming our way. Our sponsors and media partners have gotten a bit shaky after what has happened. So it’s better to continue once everything settles down. We’re working on it and the ceremony will be much bigger and better this time.”

Speaking about the nominations, the source informed that people couldn’t grasp their system of nominations that they’ve been following for years. The nominations announced initially were entirely based on public poll. The final list will come out on the basis of what the jury decides. Till then, we need to wait for an official announcement.

Rimsha Butt