Nimra Ali Transformed Into A Ravishing Young Bride

 Nimra Ali, a teenage girl who has become a social media sensation with her chirpy interviews. Nimra became an instant internet sensation after she was randomly interviewed by City 42. The teenager was over the moon for being interviewed and people instantly loved her attitude. 

nimra ali 5

This has earned her dozens of fans but also drew criticism from people who say that her talkative nature isn’t cute but irritating. Nimra Ali was interviewed by many local channels after getting fame.

nimra ali 3

Recently Nimra Ali got transformed into ravishing young bride by leading fashion photographer duo “Guddu” and “Shani” in collaboration with hair and makeup artist by “Maham Gull MUA”.

nimra ali 9

nimra ali 11

nimra ali 2

nimra ali 1

Nimra looked extremely gorgeous after the transformation. Her look was totally changed from the usual one. 

nimra ali 4 nimra ali 6 nimra ali 7 nimra ali 8  nimra ali 10

Nimra seems quite happy after getting her new look.

Sara Imran