No Fund Raising for the Dying Son of Artist Noshaba Bibi

The Presidential award winner and a famous TV and radio artist Noshaba Bibi, on Monday made an appeal to higher official of PTV to help her in providing the treatment for her son who is suffering from kidney failure.

In a news conference Noshaba shared that her son is 29 and she has no money left to further continue his treatment .

Noshaba said , “I started my career as an artiste from PTV in 1979, performing in different Pashtu, Hindko and Urdu plays, and due to my best performances and services I was awarded the presidential award. I served for long time and the viewers and listeners have much reverence for me for my work.”

She shared that the money she earned throughout her career she constructed a house worth of rupees six million. She said, “Now, I have sold the house for the sake of my son’s treatment.” Noshaba Bibi shared that she is spending on her ill so n from one and a half and now she is out of funds.

The actress said that she has asked for help from both the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa culture department and PTV general manager, but both the officials refused saying they could help he in case if she was ill but can not help her son. She said the KP health minister had also phoned her and assured for her son’s free medical treatment, but to no avail.

She said as her husband has died and the entire responsibility is now on her shoulders.
She said, “I never begged in my whole life but today I am compelled for my son’s life to stretch hands before others, especially to well-off people.”

I wonder we can have face- off concerts amongst our musicians for fun, lavish bridal and baby showers, birthday parties but why don’t the celebrities join hands with each other and conduct fund raising for Noshaba Bibi’ son, Government or Government officials won’t play there role like always but why don’t the individuals belonging to same profession help the lady in so much trouble.