Dhaani Episode 11 – The Calm Before The Storm!

Ohkay so, this episode of Dhaani was interesting too. Things are moving slowly & steadily but definitely more appropriately because all the aspects are being covered in great detail. I must say I am glad that we have a character development happening in this drama where we can actually see & understand the changes the characters are going through in different situations.

Well, Kaleem has started taking Amjad’s proposal seriously & it was imperative because Kaleem sees himself in Amjad. Amjad is well-groomed, well-refined & he is someone who is quite mature & has a composure in his personality & thinking that Kaleem appreciates. It was actually quite interesting how Kaleem decided to conduct a research on Amjad, because being a father, it was not only his duty but his right to be sure too. Kaleem couldn’t resist getting impressed by Amjad’s honesty & the reputation that he has maintained because Kaleem himself has lived a life based on such principles. It was actually good to see that Kaleem connected with Amjad immediately & felt that he was the man he would love to marry his daughter off to.

The entire phone controversy was covered really well. Amjad didn’t pay heed to the phone call he received because he is a rational person & a bit too intelligent to know that people were just spreading rumors. Kaleem also grew suspicious & he felt some discomfort too but he was mentally satisfied because Amjad assured him that such phone calls don’t really matter to him as he has pretty much made up his mind that he is going to go ahead with his parents’ decision of marrying Kaleem’s daughter Dhaani.

Raja got tipped on how Dhaani & Shaani took a ride from some stranger. Even though Shaani covered up really well, Raja could sense that something was definitely not right. I am sure Raja won’t sit still & he will try to probe further he will eventually end up finding about Sameer. I felt really bad for Bee Jee when Kaleem spoke to her about finding a right girl for her son. Bee Jee has seen how much Raja loves Dhaani & she knows how hard the news of Dhaani’s marriage will be on Raja but she can’t say or do much as she knows that Kaleem will never accept Raja as his son in law.

Even though Sameer is enjoying the attention that he is getting from Dhaani, he still doesn’t seem serious to me. For him, being associated with a girl like Dhaani is a short-term adventure that he is currently enjoying as he has never seen a girl like her who is so different & unique. Sameer’s family is definitely doing everything to get him hitched with Maya & I am not sure if he will be able to endure the pressure & say no for the sake of Dhaani. I liked how Shaani tried to make her sister realize that Sameer’s family will never approach Kaleem for Dhaani’s proposal since they both belong to different worlds but if only Dhaani’d understand, because if she does, she will be able to save not only herself but her entire family from getting hurt.

Overall, this episode was fun but I feel the pace has slowed down a little too much. They need to make some progress & I am assuming that things will spice up in the next episode when Dhaani will tell Sameer about Amjad’s proposal. The entire cast has done an amazing job & I must say, watching this drama & the vibrancy that it offers is mentally quite refreshing. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Dhaani.

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