App Ke Liye Episode 09 & 10 – Slow Paced Drama!

App Ke Liye Episode 09 & 10 – Slow Paced Drama!

Ohkay so, these last two episodes of App Ke Liye were good in bits & pieces but even though I watched two episodes together, I still found the pace a little too slow may be because the characters are less & the side characters get way more coverage than required. Anyhow, I like how the changes & the development in the character of Washma is shown, that is the only thing that is keeping the interest alive in the show.

Washma got married to Shaheer & started a new life. They both have started exploring each other & they are polar opposites. Shaheer is a very prim & proper person who is very particular about everything in his life, whereas Washma is messy & doesn’t worry much about her surroundings. She lives in a bubble & even though Shaheer doesn’t mind giving her the space, they both will have to reach a consensus to make things work between them as a couple.

At the night of Washma’s wedding, Mariam learns the truth about why Washma decided to get married to Shaheer because she didn’t want to ruin the relationship between her brother & his wife & that is when Mariam realizes that she was wrong in judging Washma so harshly. Washma was a bigger person & she chose to be a bigger person by taking the entire blame on herself but it was good to see the shift in Mariam’s attitude because she understood that it was her brother who was wrong & what Washma did actually saved her marriage. The way Mariam became courteous towards Washma was a refreshing development in the story.

I liked that even though Washma’s personality didn’t change, there were a few things that she was forced to pay heed to. She saw how Shaheer & Areesha were having an argument & she was reminded of the time when Waheed would defend Mariam in front of her. To others, Washma may seem like someone who has no worry in the world & she might come across as someone who doesn’t think things through but the way the attitudes & the reactions of the people around her made some shifts in her personality was commendable. Washma is quite in touch with her emotional side & even though it seems that she doesn’t take things seriously, she actually does pay attention to what is important.

Nishat continues to be unreasonable & now even Areesha’s acting up. The conversation Areesha had with Shaheer seemed out of the blue because if she was so concerned about her brother, she could’ve spoken to him before his wedding day? Areesha chose to lock herself up in her room & didn’t bother asking who Shaheer was going to get married to, which is actually quite unrealistic & hard to believe. Areesha had met Washma before, so she could’ve easily told Shaheer about her disapproval but it is amusing that she got the time ‘after’ Shaheer got married. I find it hard to understand or pay attention to what Nishat says or does because it is actually quite hard for me to believe that a woman who has lived such a fulfilling life will be so petty-brained & so negative that she would spend her entire days & nights scheming & plotting against her own brother & his day-old wife, like seriously? Nishat’s decision of planting a secretary of her own choice in Shaheer’s office was such a pathetic move, like what century does Nishat live in & does she really think that a girl like Dilruba will be able to attract Shaheer?

I don’t get the tears that Areeba was shedding at the news of Shaheer’s wedding. It seems that they both fought a divorce case for an year & before that, their marriage lasted for 3 months so why hasn’t she moved on? Also, if she was so much in love with Shaheer, then why didn’t she fight hard with Nishat to save what was hers? Why didn’t she show perseverance & chose not to budge? Why did her courage lasted for 3 months only? She gave up easily on her love & now she is shedding tears. I find all these side characters; Nishat, Imdaad, Areesha & Abeera forced & sadly, there’s nothing new that they have to offer, so not sure if things will be able to stay interesting since the coverage they get is unnecessary & there aren’t any other characters apart from them to make things engaging.

Overall, these two episodes were average. The only good thing was some development of understanding between Washma & Shaheer. Shaheer is doing things that he never thought he would because he is being considerate. Washma seems to be appreciating everything that Shaheer does without making it too obvious. The best scene for me was when they showed that Shaheer & Washma prayed together, it was actually quite sweet & the highlight of the episode for me. Washma’s character is the best part about this entire drama. Let’s see what more she has in store for us. Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of App Ke Liye!

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