Noman Ijaz Reveals Why He Attended Lux Style Awards For The First Time In Years

The talented actor, Noman Ijaz has worked in several drama serials and films. He is one of the most versatile actors today and has impressed us with his great acting skills time and again. Currently, essaying the role of Khan in a political drama, Noman Ijaz attended the 16th Annual Lux Style Awards for the first time in years. He was nominated in the Best TV Actor category for his performance in Dumpukht, however, that is not the reason why he decided to attend the show.

“There’s no excitement or anything of that sort,” he told Instep. “I’m not here for the award but because of my friend. Sheru (HSY) is doing it this time and I’ve come to support the gentleman.”

When asked about whether he thought he was going to win, Ijaz stated, “No, I’m not interested in the award. My beliefs are quite different. I don’t believe that we learn from these awards or achievements. We learn from other things, the failures and stuff in our lives. It all depends who the jury selects as the winner.”

Reflecting on the credibility of the LSAs, Ijaz stated that these events are no less than family functions. “It’s a way of meeting each other, sitting together and having a good time,” he said. “Channels also have to earn after all. It’s a family function kind of a thing,” he concluded.

Rimsha Butt