Noman Ijaz Talks About MD Productions Banning Firdous Jamal & Mohsin Abbas Haider Controversy

Noman Ijaz is the undisputed king of expressions and his versatile acting has won him many fans all around the globe. He is one of those few actors who always leave their mark and are the reason why people watch dramas. Noman Ijaz is also someone who despite of all his popularity, hardly ever gives interviews. Iffat Omar recently launched her talk show on YouTube and she invited Noman Ijaz as her first guest since he is someone she looks up to and also one of those few celebrities who hardly ever give interviews.

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In this interview apart from other things, Noman Ijaz intelligently and boldly gave his own perspective regarding MD Productions banning Firdous Jamal. He acknowledged that the choice of words Firdous Jamal used was not ideal and also accepted that fact that Mahira Khan indeed was a superstar with a massive fan following.

The most interesting bit was when he said,

“The fact is that the viewers who watch the dramas today have been handed over to us by actors like Firdous Jamal.”

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So, in other words according to him MD Productions in no way can take away that viewership from Firdous Jamal by putting a ban on him. Another interesting aspect of this discussion was when Noman Ijaz clearly said,

What Momina Duraid did is actually a big gamble. It can either go in favor of her film and draw the crowds to the cinema or it can completely backfire.”

Noman Ijaz also suggested that ignoring the statement made by Firdous Jamal and not making it an issue would have been a wise thing to do. Noman Ijaz also shared his views about the role of social media generally and he is of the opinion that the Pakistani society, the people, are not ready to use social media in a more constructive manner.

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The real shocker was Noman Ijaz’s stance on Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife reporting the issue of domestic violence and highlighting it on the media. Mohsin Abbas Haider started his television career from Mazak Raat when Noman Ijaz was the host. Therefore, he is someone who has been in constant contact (in a professional capacity) with Mohsin Abbas Haider for quite a while. Noman Ijaz’s statement about ‘taali dono hatho se bajti hei’ suggested that he was saying that both parties were at fault in some way.

He elaborated further and said,

“I am not defending anyone, I am just giving my honest opinion. This thing (domestic violence) only happens when you allow it to happen. If you stop it when it starts then it won’t proceed to the next level. When it happened for the first time, you (Fatima Soheil) should have left him (Mohsin Abbas Haider).”

Noman Ijaz is clearly someone who believes that women should take a stand for themselves and set some boundaries. His point of view however is also being termed as victim blaming by some of the people who watched the show. It was good watching Noman Ijaz sharing his own views for a change since we very often see him translating different characters on screen but hardly ever get to hear how he feels and what he thinks about different issues. Noman Ijaz’s take on married life and his growth as a person and an actor were also interesting bits from this interview which is a must watch.

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  • I liked his both stances.
    What a compliment he gave to Firdaus Jamal & the viewers both, in one sentence, as well as shown that being in the viewer’s eye is about responsibility, I am impressed. I liked it very much, so I will repeat it, “The fact is that the viewers who watch the dramas today have been handed over to us by actors like Firdous Jamal”. Also, he dares to say pros & cons of Momina’s decision.
    Regarding Mohsin, my opinion is; Mohsin who hails from small town and struggle so hard to become a successful actor & singer, will not hit a woman, only because he has an affair. And do you think a rich girl from a big city will allow this to happen to her. Mohsin being a celebrity could have well aware that such a domestic violence, will affect badly on his career. No doubt he might have an affair, but hitting a woman is not justified here, because it will not cover up the affair. And because of his affair his wife would have decided to take revenge by exposing him in a wrong way to end his career.

  • Mahira and Fawad both will end their careers due to their project choices. Mahira is choosing mediocre film scripts back to back and Fawad’s last dramas on TV were too bad. By the time they realize their mistakes their time will be over.

  • First of all faysal quershi failed as a host,he started without any research,that mahira films were not hit films, wrong ,all mahira films made money, bin Roya ,super hit ,Verna was a hit film,and was critically acclaimed film,won London Asian film festival award,it was a low budget message film ,for women empowerment , ho ma Jan , 7tdmi all hit,Raees was SRK ,was in 100 core club,his last hit film,with zaalima ,mahira ! Now superstar film ,super hit film ,plus mahira acting and dancing gives tight slapped to all the jealous trolls. Also, remember it is the cameo of Fawad and mahira that is the best part of pare hut luv. Lastly ,the Fawad khan ,and mahira as his leading lady ‘s next project is the Legends of Maulla Jett in coming in the end of this year,has blockbuster written all over it! Last ,message to Trolls ,Fawad is doing battle of the band ,it took him to finished 2 yrs MJ film,because he has a body building and fighting trianing as well ! Do your research ,Fawad and mahira are big name of pak film industry,learn to respect few superstar Pakistan has,you do not destroyed superstars ,you add to the list !

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