I’m A Proud ISI Agent: Hamza Abbasi In Response to Arnab Goswami

Indian anchor declared Hamza Abbasi as ISI agent  and he responded in excellent manner.

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Arnab Goswami is the Editor-in-Chief and the anchor of Indian TV Channel’s current affairs programme “The News Hour”. He is known for spreading hate speech and divisive politics. Arnab Goswami is always at the forefront when it comes to hate speech and initiating any dialogue that is anti-Pakistan. According to recent reports, Goswami and his channel Republic TV recently declared Hamza Ali Abbasi an undercover ISI agent.

In response to Goswami, Abbasi tweeted:

So that over actor and warmongerer for ratings, guy Arnab/his channel declared me an undercover ISI agent! Let me clarify, I am not an “undercover” ISI agent, I am very openly/proudly an ISI agent, just like more than 200 million Pakistanis are proud ISI agents!”

He further added, “I always thought maybe I will not see a free Kashmir in my lifetime but seeing one blunder after another of Modi’s fascist regime and the delusional propaganda their fascist media outlets are spreading, I am now very confident that Insha Allah I will see a free Kashmir very soon.”


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  • What wrong did Arnab said. When this person is Kashmiri he proudly calls himself Pakistani.

  • Good luck you Idiots in India (1,3 billions ) and lesser number (200 millions) in Pakistan Learn to shut up since An Atom bomb will destroy both nations

    • We want nuclear war so that out of 60 crore muslims 50 crore shall die,and out of 100 crore non muslims 70 crores shall die.
      Then only remaining people will enjoy the 1947 independence fruits.

  • Hamza Abbasi, this will remain your unfulfilled dream. Come out of fool’s paradise and accept the reality.

  • How long you want to talk on Kashmir war terrorism forget Kashmir and see we are going to moon and you want to intrude on to our soil

  • Please contact Mr Arnab Goswami if you need scolding and misbehave.Join Arnab and forget that you are polite,sincere ;you have some dignity in your family or society.

  • Hello! Stupid Abbasi of begging nation Pakistan listen,”day -dream”is a disease.And only a diseased fellow could be an ISI agent.For exposing you,Mr.Arnab Goswami is sufficient & efficient enough. We don’t need to engage our RAW for a small fry like you….man.

  • I thought all pakistanis are not terrorist and jihadi.. But this man telling all are IsIs terrorists.. Why they feel proud to be a terrorist.. Why they chanting Allah word while claiming themslef terrorist..they can be a doctor/scientists anything better then this..
    Because of this mentality Pakistan is begger country..Pakistan cant give anything good to them Owen Nation people.. So how they will give better future to kashmir

  • Cowswamy is a cow ard and a hypocrite. If he is protected terrorist and so he thinks he can Yap on and on.

  • Bastered pakis..be in your limit. Provide your fellow pakis bread and then talk about mighty INDIA.

  • What is wrong with the people here commenting??? Hamza is not Kashmiri. Nor he is wearing anything wrong. It’s just a picture from Parwaaz E Junoon where he acted as a military personnel. Ignorant bovines.
    Please try to focus on the matter.

  • Arnab is an assets of our loving country India and he has the capability and that much of intelligence to expose all of them, who is intended to cause harm to the integrity and dignity of India. Come on Arnab and keep going with all your affirmative strategy so that we could also find those who are Jaichand.
    Bharat Mata ki Jai.
    Vande Matram.

  • Arnab Goshwami is a disgrace on Indian journalism.He is one of the biggest dog of government.

  • All muzis are untrustable. They are known for hating other religion. Katuve katuve hotha hai.just ignore them.

    • Yes after Randia is dismembered, Kashmir is free Naga Land is Free and Khalistan is free. We will hold refrendam in any part of Pakistan, do you have the balls to hold a free refrendum in Kashmir??

      • Randistani kahi ru shaheed na ka ye . Jaa teri tatti ko convert kar jaa kar use bhi mussadda bana

  • It’s any oxymoron…a proud paki and an open ISI agent…ha ha ha…nothing to be proud of either things you MORON

    • Have you seen Hamza Abbasi dear Randian. You will have to search your entire dimwits 1.2 billions in a country filled with ugly and evil people to find a smart man like him. Led by an illiterate tea sellar Hahhaaaa

      • Randistani tere jaisa badsoorat kaale bhade mote fuhad jahil randistani roz dikhte hai sab ke sab ugly hai jaa teri tatti ko convert Kar jaa kar use mussadda bana.

  • Our governments are toothless tigers. Midi govt bared their teeth. But that is not enough. We have to hunt down & eliminate venomous vermins like hamza abbasi. We shud change our attitude & make it like that of the Israelis. Look at them — they are like a small dot in the Arab ocean — but extremely strong to defend & attack any of the muslim countries surrounding them. And look at our political parties like congress, samajwadi, communists & many others & their loyal supporters — they are in full support of their anti India activities & the so called minority community (who are reproducing like pigs) — keen on increasing their population — with support from anti India parties. India shud have a special (specially trained) force & entrusted with responsibilities of eliminating Hamas like problem creators. Also this news agency — which gave this news of Hamza tweeting against India & arnab — is in fact glorifying hamza praising him for an excellent answer to arnab’s comments. Shame on you ( news agency review it.pk)& also SHAME on our govt. to allow such freedom of speech. I don’t understand why muslims & esp Kashmir muslims are allowed to get away with all anti India & anti army activities. God (Allah) save BHARAT from these politicians & muslims.

  • Randians have totally lost their minds as Kashmir is slipping away from their hands. One of the most beautiful and pristine valley held illegally and unlawfully by the most evil and nasty country in the world.Pakistan should openly supply support and arms to freedom fighters in Kashmir and also facilitate Taliban to enter Kashmir and pull the rug under the feet of Randians.

  • Being an ISI agent is something to be horrified about, nothing to be proud of. Who is this Humza fellow anyway?? If he says he is an ISI agent, let him be treated like an enemy spy. Remember Jadhav in Pakistan?? Humza MUST be treated like a Pakistani ISI espionage agent and spy as he himself accepts the same. Arnab is an eloquent, excellent owner of a patriotic news channel The Republic and his name cannot be linked with this Humza scumbag and enemy spy. Best wishes. Dr Sandeep Parmar

    • We support Arnab for his excellent work of exposing racist and communist mindset people with antiindia agenda
      Modi will again get 400 + with this kind of work .
      Anti India forces will not succeed, India has woken up.

  • Mrs. Safina, I know you don’t like Arnab but don’t say, “He is known for spreading hate speech and divisive politics.” When you say that it shows u support that guy who says he is a proud Pakistani & ISI agent. Write the news, don’t run your propaganda here. Thank u.

  • I am not sure how can 1.2 billions people could be so devoid of morals and basic human decency. Kasmiris never wanted to live with India, that’s why they 900,000 troops in occupied Kashmir. The most brutal occupation of a free people where women and children are tortured and murdered on a daily basis. An evil and nasty nation of ugly people led by an illiterate fascist tea seller.The randians who make twenty Bhagwans out of a bag of cement and then worship them, what can you expect from mean people, it is time to teach them a lesson .

  • Dude, I guess you have trouble in understanding Arnab Goswami as he speaks mostly in English(I know you guys never get that). But he is anti-Pakistani for a reason. A nation which wasn’t satisfied even after getting a territory of its own and still ruining it, what else can we expect then? Say that you are totally terrorism-free.
    You will even say the lie if I offer you 500 bucks. But please have some self-esteem.
    Pakistan is facing crisis and you want to occupy other’s territory.
    Grow up above this snatching game, kids. How long will your father bear your antics and forgive you? One day he will slap you hard and you will fall on the ground crying out loud and go to your girlfriend (China) to seek solace. But even she will hit you after using you. Then stay alone and shout “Azaadi Azaadi”. I think that day has come now.
    Do something better with your nation first rather than prying on others property and making it ground for terrorism.
    I wish your history teachers had studied the real history from authentic books rather than Madarsa.

    Now translate everything written from Google Translator and then understand 😂😂

  • Mr goswami,many a times but always in India there is an one side intellectual honesty sorry no intellectual but casteist honesty and hate seen. Who are you mr.goswami. you are a baman.you whose genes spread hate thoughts in India since thousands of years.
    Spread jativad,in the name orthodox religion.
    Talk of jativad.if you are an Indian citizen.
    Presently in air India Mumbai a schedule caste security officer was suspended because he asked for certain best thinks for change.His seniors both baman ,bhatacharya and Pathak passed casteist remarks and harrassed him.
    The sarkar is not a Indian sarkar it’s a religion based orthodox radicalist jativad politician who will not support the officer suspended because he belongs to particular SC.
    Common goswami as a reporter be a man and say the truth.
    Not Hypocracy.
    Talk Dr. Payal Tadvi and Rohit Vemula talk Casteism harrassment talk about your illness talk about the sick people who still after 73 years of independence feels they are superior human being.
    Common wake up dear.
    In India there are 25% Muslims and 20% SC ,+St and others.
    Do not exaxirate the situations talk truth.
    Then it will be journlaism.

    Have a good day.
    I hate and oppose any type of terrorism.
    Not only in India but alaround.

    • Mr kishore (whatever your real name be).
      1st u must write your correct name.
      2nd jativad may be there but it’s not your problem it is our country’s problem.
      Any caste people here have contributed for this country so u need not to peep in.
      Exaggeration of any and every issue is not correct and we Indians know it. So your attempt is futile. Please do something good for yourself your nation and caste.

  • Dear Paki…you murdered your own history.Read the book “Murder of History” by your own Paki.Only solution to your problem is to devide in 100 pcs

  • Yeh tede muhwala haramzada has finally spoken truth he is an ISI agent. Hunt him and gun him down and throw him away in Indian Ocean Ocean like that ISI Osama terrorist!!

  • Shahid bhai, aapki ammi se poochna , kitne abba hain aapke,,,,,,mixed sperms ki paidayish ho tum….Pura porkistan ek kichad ka talab hai aur tum jaise kuchh dukkar
    Insaniyat ko badnaam kar rahe ho. Chaiwala imandaar hai, aur usey allah ne hi bheja hai tum jaise kutton ka safaya karne ke liye, ,,,waise bhi jyaada likh diya hun shayad tujhe hazam na ho,,,,padha likha hai toh mehnat kar roz roti kama bhai, kyun chori karta hai,,,,,

  • Who is this dog Hamjja??? Ye to kutte hain bhokenge hi…. Dana pani hain nahi aur kashmir ko apna banana chale hain…. Khud ke 4 tukade ho rahe hain aur hume sikane chale…. Ye inka aisa haal hain “Jeb main nahi tilla tilla mang rahe hain lal killa”

  • Shahid the fact is that you should also consider the fact that firstly the Hindu pandits were also persecuted in Kashmir ( includijg women and children) the same thing which your army did indirectly to Bangladesh during 1947 and 1971 ( both eventually you lost….so remeber As Krishna is watching and Allah is watching too) killing A great humanitarian like Sheikh Mujibar Rehman. So brother no point spreading lies & by the way wether it is Arnab or Ahmad, if someone is true we will support them. Both of Arnabs parenst were freedom fighters against the British oppression. So please have some understanding. – your friend is speaking the truth in media only that there are militants within your nation. You parvez mushraff also being super excited is rather a bastard, who himself claims claims Madarasas prepared terrorist. ( Checkout videos).

  • There is no single secularists,among muslims,in india including Abdul kalam is not secular,only 1 from pakistan is Tarak fateh.
    When since 1917 Russia under communist rule could not change a single muslim as secular

  • So, we are a fascist nation is what you suggest which spreads hate and anti-pakistan ideologies. Please answer one goddamn question. Why was osama bin laden lodged in your country? Why are you still sheltering Hafiz Saeed? Are they not designated terrorists? You people are so collectively delusional that it seems almost unreal. Actually it has been our fault that we have been trying to maintain talks with you people.

  • oye shahid saale tu humko randian kehta hai na aur modi to illiterate tea seller pm, to tujhe bata doon ki tu to ek atankistan ka bachcha hai nazaij bachcha jise apni wazud par hi sharam aani chahiye kyonki tujmain to wo shakti hi nahin samajhne ki ki kaun illiterate aur kaun literate hai. tu to modi ke paaron ki dhool bhi nahin ho sakta ja teri huriyon ke paas aur karle tera ek hi kaam. tere dimag main kuch aur nahin jayega.

  • Mr. Shahid Gavar, let me tell u i haven’t seen an ugly man like hamza ali. Nd when u talk abt smartness worlds most handsome man is from India i.e. Hrithik Roshan, we have most beautiful ladies in the world but what do u nd ur country have? I’ll tell u what u guys have! You guys have taliban, terrorists, separatists nd etc. You guyz talk about peace nd kashmir but don’t worry Indian Government will surely support the people of Balochistan who want Independence from the terror funding nation ‘PAKISTAN’. I fear that u guyz don’t loose Balochistan soon. You demons talk about kashmir nd show ur support towards my states people of kashmir, but rather you should be worried about the Balochistan. Pakistan is killing the innocents when they protest against pakistan government. See in simple you should be worried about Balochistan nd don’t worry for our Kashmir and our Kashmiri people we will take care of our state nd thr people. And mind you when u call our Prime Minister a ‘chai wala’ let me remind you this ‘chai wala’ had delivered ‘surgical strike’ which had killed many of the terrorists in pakistan like you. Then this ‘chai wala’ did air strike again nd again killed 100’s of terrorist like u in ur country paksitan. So be careful u might be amongst the next terrorist group on which this ‘chai wala’ might do sea strike. ;-) nd one more thing we don’t call you ‘BePak istan’ even though few terrorist like you exist in pakistan nd say all bullshits for Indians. Anyways this is all in english and u wont understand this. You just know one thing, “Boys played well”. ;-)

  • He (Hamsa abbasi) also declared Modi as fascist in his 2nd tweet. In 1st tweet, he said I am ISI agent.
    Which one is true ? Either both are true or both should be wrong.
    Reviewit.pk is a Pakistani blog. So, they will spit venom in India.

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