Noman Javed Opens Up About Divorce With Jana Malik

Noman Javed and Janan Malik tied the knot in 2016 and parted ways in 2017. The news came as a surprise to the whole entertainment fraternity.

The reason behind the divorce is still unknown, but Jana Malik had earlier expressed relief on her divorce with Nouman Javed. She told that the real reason behind separation was the lack of understanding between the two.

However, Noman Javed has opened up about the divorce for the very first time and he seems to be unsure about Jana’s decision of divorce. He revealed that there were minor problems, but nothing serious that could lead to a divorce. Moreover, he also shared that they were planning a baby, but the whole divorce came as a shock to him as well and Jana told him that she was tired, depressed and bored.

Rimsha Butt