Tribute Video for APS victims wins silver medal at US based global music awards

Story of Gulsher – Tehzeeb Foundation’s tribute video which is made for the victims of the Army Public School (APS) attack, has won a silver medal at the Global Music Awards in the United States.

The track was released in December which tells the story of two brothers,Gulsher and Shamsher.
The 13-year-old Gulsher lost his life in the attack while the younger Shamsher survived and then returned to his school with renewed spirit.
Story of Gulsher is part of the Action Moves People United album sponsored by UNESCO, and has been produced by Sharif Awan, general secretary of  the Tehzeeb Foundation and producer of Indus Raag.
Sharif told The Express Tribune he is honoured to have won the coveted prize:

“It was our artistic response to terrorism because that’s all we can do. We can’t pick up arms and go fight,” he said. “I didn’t get any personal benefit from this but I believe it was a scholastic response to the incident. I’m glad Pakistan is getting more international recognition.”
“December 16 is such a tragic date in our history that we wish to avoid it like the 1971’s Bangladesh split. But now, it’s forever etched in our minds. Lyricist Harris Khalique summed it better at the launch last year when he said he hoped he never has to write such a poem again,” Sharif admitted. “Earlier, we were unable to commemorate December 16 but now we must capitalise on it like all responsible nations.”

Watch the video here:

Sharif also thanked his team for bringing Story of Gulsher to life. “Zoe Viccaji, Nafees Ahmed, Zia Mohyeddin and Arshad Mehmud worked free of cost. This was a personal project and we didn’t have many resources but still, they helped out. Even the Sindh government lent a hand,” he revealed. “Even Indus Raag 2 is nominated for a Lux Style Award (LSA) this year, marking the first time this kind of indigenous music is acknowledged by them. I will just say music will play its part. Each part of history has been reactive and responsive to the situations around. Now we are also making history by reacting and I’m thankful to everyone for making it possible.”