Non-muslim celebs on Eid

Non-muslim celebs on Eid

Muslims celebrate Eid as a gift that we are blessed with after Ramzan, the gift we all wait for after we fast for the whole month of Ramzan. Celebrating Eid enthusiastically, we give the message of peace, brotherhood and unity to all other religions. It is because of this message that non-muslims cherish the moments of happiness with equal enthusiasm while they celebrate Eid along with Muslims. Here is how our non-muslim celebs celebrate our special day:


Benita David and Sunita Marshal:

The gorgeous christian sisters celebrated the special day with family and friends and absolutely rocked the Eid looks. Dressed in their best, the sisters took the special attention of people on social media.



Zarnak Sidhwa:

The famous chef from Masala Tv celebrated her Eid with Muslims and sent her greetings to all them

Deepak Parwani:

Deepak Parwani wished all the Muslims a happy Eid with prayers . Here is what he had to say:

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These celebrities showcased their love for the Muslims and told everyone that no matter what religion you belong to, you should always be welcoming enough to accept and celebrate each others happiness in the best possible way.