Are You Too a Fan of Faiza Beauty Cream?

Are you an Asian? If yes then you are familiar with the importance of GORA RANG kyunki “Goray rang ka zamana kabhi hoga na purana!”

Asians are known to have olive skin tones. In simple words we are brown; if you have watched all those white vs brown videos where browns are mostly the winners you will know know the concept. But do we accept the reality? Do we accept our brown complexions? I think that is not the case atleast ads on our televisions do not suggest that! Like watch this one:

Okay so we just learnt from the ad that if you are dark your man will start running behind Gori Nisa girls. The amount of such ads pouring on our television screens since decades and these campaigns actually working is a simple depiction ke sabb hojana chahte hain goray goray.

When I was a child I used to wonder during gatherings that why several aunties have vampire like white faces. Is this makeup or something is wrong with them and now being an adult I know what it was. It was neither makeup nor a skin problem. It was an OBSESSION. An obsession to become fairest of all.

We Asians are blessed people. We can wear eastern with matha pattis and jhoomkay or western gowns and jump suits and can look equally gorgeous. In case of men whether they wear kurtay or tuxes they can pull off both because our skin tones complement both looks. But in place of appreciating this fact we got stuck up in Gora obsession and changed our blessing into a problem. What are we teaching our generation that if you are not fair you will not get a job, no rishta for you and success will become allergic to you. Look at this girl below she will get all the attention she desperately wanted by turning herself into doodh malai because apparently the makers of this ad think that chocolate is not likeable?

And Pakistan needs to become GORA!

We did not expect this from you Zubaida aapa!

You will witness this mindset everywhere. Aunties looking for rishtas will choose the younger sister in place of the candidate elder one because the younger one is more fair and can be a perfect Belle for their beast like sons. Even in the entertainment industry many celebrities have taken whitening treatments though they will deny this but the audience have eyes. The top league will always consist of gori chamri wale boys and girls because people of colour are not talented enough right? All of them will deny it but the pictures just talk:

Yes one thing positive done by this trend and mindset is the revenue it is generating for both beauty clinics and psychiatrists. Beauty clinics are scene advertising how they will lighten your skin and will make you look like Angelina Jolie. They have injections, medicines, lasers in short a whole weaponry to kill that melanin in you. This extreme obsession is good for psychiatrists too as it can damage a lot of youngsters mentally. Many teenagers get bullied because kitni kaali hai woh but as we do not think this mere thing can cause anxiety it can be very dangerous to the young minds. They feel out of place and ugly and to be honest once this feeling settles into you; you cannot overcome it even after becoming a mature adult.

The need of the hour is ACCEPTANCE. We have to learn ourselves first hand that it is not wrong to be of colour; to not look very fair. To not call names to a person  just because they have a darker complexion than us. To use the foundation of our own shade because zombiness is not beauty. We should spread awareness in the masses and ban the ads showing dark people will just be unsuccessful on personal and professional fronts because they are dark. We have to educate ourselves and our children that their single attempt of making fun of another person will fill them with hatred and sorrow. We have to remember our old Islamic studies that the queen of hoors will be given to Hazrat Bilal Habshi RA and he was very dark. 

We need to know that colour is a beauty in itself and just like you cannot be fair like some people; remember they cannot have the golden bronzed beauty that you have. Accept yourself because beauty lies in being what you truly are.

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