Noor by Geo Tv – the Turkish ‘Humsafar’

There has been uproar since Turkish Dramas started launching on every other Pakistani channel. It was initiated by Urdu1, then Express followed it and now Geo TV introduced a new show Noor. I doubt people will stop watching Pakistani Dramas just because a few Turkish shows were launched. Pakistani Dramas will always remain our first priority. Pakistani Drama viewership is too strong to be affected by a few foreign shows but I would agree with the Pakistani stars that have raised their voice against these shows, that it is unfair to them.

Noor is a hit Turkish drama and has been dubbed in various languages and played all across Arabic countries. It was originally aired in 2005-2007. Its original name is “Gümüş” but was aired with the title Noor in the Arabic World and become a household name everywhere. It has also been played in countries like Saudi Arabia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Albania with different titles. It would not be wrong to say that it is the ‘Humsafar’ of the Arabic World. In Saudi Arabia alone, 3-4 million viewers admit to watching the program daily on the Saudi-owned MBC channel. The show’s final episode attracted a record 85 million Arab viewers. In Bulgaria, Noor was also very popular and every episode was watched by at least 2 million viewers. This show encouraged Arabs to visit Turkey and meet their favourite stars, Kivanc and Songul.

The Turkish drama Noor revolves around Mehmet played by Kivanc Tatlitug, who belongs to a rich family which is completely dominated by his grandfather. Mehmet has lost his love Nihat in a car accident and he had never recovered from the shock, his life has become meaningless ever since. His grandfather forces him to marry Noor (Songul Oden), a simple girl from a small town. Mehmet ends up leaving Noor at the altar, but eventually marry her but never truly accept her because for him she was ‘not his wife but his grandfather’s daughter in law’. The story is about Noor’s struggle to make a place in Mehmet’s life and become familiar with the ways of living of the upper class family.
I liked the OST of Noor. Its melody is beautiful and catchy. It is composed by Waqar Ali and sung by Alycia Dias. The melody is taken from the original drama and I must say it is beautiful.

The first episode seemed interesting. The play is very well dubbed in Urdu. And the main attraction of this show is Kivanc Tatlitug, who has become popular in Pakistan through his show Ishq e Mamnu, which went off air recently. Another of his show Manahil aur Khalil also launched on Express the same day as Noor. Will both these shows manage to make a place in viewer’s heart? I foresee a neck to neck competition between these two shows.

Geo TV has invested a lot in its promotion. You can see the advertisement played in every break. Will it be as famous as Ishq e Mamnu? Well the answer is ‘only time will tell.’

Mariam Shafiq


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • I have read several Arabic reviews on this drama, as i myself got excited about it, Well story is interesting but not like humsafar, as you proceed you will find as Indian Soap, Noor will get pregnant and will lose the baby which will make Mehmet fall in love with Noor, and noor tries to go away from him and mean while Nihan will come back along with a son declaring that she was alive and tried to live apart trying to give Mehmet a better life blah blah and couldn't live without him and came back.

  • Lo aa gaye naa apne naa apni aukaat pe … Pehle inn turkish dramas ki burai pr lambe chaurre articles r ab unn ki tarrefo k pull bnae jaa rae hai …., silly hypocrites

  • Oo please :@

    i request admin not to uploade these foreign plays at this site…if u can't do it then please remove or change your slogan.thanks

  • The child without marraige….the worst thing about this play. The writer of this is also done nothing except that of promoting the play.

  • wah ji wah ye sahi hai. pehle turkish dramas ke khilaaf article likho. baad mein un dramas ko upload kar ke un ka review do. what a hypocracy. i bycott all these dramas and ur articles

      • I strongly appeal the administrator to delete this article and also delete all the turkish bullshit from this site … Please do this for the sake of PAKISTANI drama and PAKISTANIS …. people who wants to see turkish drama can use youtube etc to eradicate their hunger for such stupid soaps. Please all others who love PAKISTANI dramas should protest with me and appeal to administrator to remove this article and turkish soaps from this site….

        • I recommend everyone to read the article before commenting. I have not said mentioned anywhere that please should watch this show. Im just stating facts. This show was hit in the Arab world so i have just stated that.
          Kindly read the first paragraph to know my opinion.
          And one more thing, its just an article. Nobody is promoting this show. Kindly restrain from using strong words. Thanks.

          • Yeah read ur opinion in the 1st para and then u linger on to this NOOR drama for 3 more paras…. U KNOW WHT THIS IS ITS HYPOCRITICAL…. u either hate something or u like it…. I m not against u but the way u r suggesting or promoting this drama is beyond acceptance and its totally inappropriate to write about dramas which have no cultural understanding and no accordance in any way to PAKISTANIS. If u still want to promote this then as a PAKISTANI i will appose it. U R PAKISTANI then support PAKISTAN in any way thats all.

          • Actually Mariam, as a foreigner having lived in Pakistan, the pakistani people have strong sense of pride insinuated with decades of propaganda emanating their poor, corruption-ridden nation compounded with inferiority complex with India, as the best in the world. I have tried to reason with them… Anything that even slightly challenges what they are taught to believe results in them taking the aggressive defensive position. The people in power rely on their ignorance to steal for themselves what belongs to the people. This is the case in many parts of the world. Pakistan unfortunately takes it to another level. I think its a great move that anything non-Pakistani is coming to Pakistan. It will slowly help the next generation have a little bit of an open mind (and dare I say appreciation) towards the creativity of other nations.

            ps. i enjoyed your article by the way.

  • i dnt thnk so that it will b famous like ISHQE MAMNU…..though i myself did nt watch that stupid drama bt knws evrythng abt that coz in m surrounding many people used to watch dat drama km drama:-)

  • 1 saal baad yahein bhi article araha hoga jiska title hoga "where are our dramas" is site se leke Geo tak sab ka yahi haal hai kehte kuch hain kerte kuch

  • I think the administration of this site should block all Pakistani channels which shows Turkish or Indian dramas and also should avoid giving reviews or updating these dramas …. we need to stand… with our ACTORS

  • it is not a hit turkish drama it was a flop drama.Jab producer ne isse dub kia arabic or urdu mein t w hit h gaya.Its just a flop story first his girlfriend dies and when things go to right place she come back with her baby

    • Why to watch drama on first place if be hayaee is the main concern.
      Some Pakistani dramas at present are showing shameless behavior, infidelities, adulteries in most blatant and crude manner.
      I'm not fan of Turkish serials but I thing our drama industry needs healthy competition. Three dramas out of 90 really not something to feel proud about.

    • noor is the first hit turkish drama…still noor n ishq e memnu r being played some parts of te world….long live kivanc

  • In sab behs se acha hai k turish daramy upload hi na kiye jayen why should we compare these crap drama wd our hit dramas plz admit plz dont double standards

  • I don't really see the comparison! Anyway, what is Pakistan's obsession with humsafar? Agreed it was a hit serial but why is it mentioned practically everywhere? Mind boggling…

  • to b very honest i never liked humsafar.. n the only reason WS MAHIRA'S pathetic acting…..i dono y everyones talking abt humsafar till now… i like both these dramas mentioned above… n i watch them cx ov the Gudluking KIvanc ;)

    • I dont think mahira is a pathetic actress but I do think she is overrated; I think she needs a little more practice. Humsafar aur bol ki acting bohat achi thi but I didnt like her acting in shehr e zaat in some episodes. Over all she is very well liked, or atleast I like her becuase of the way she carries herself, very humble and sober in the way she speaks which I like as most young actresses are loud mouths so its nice to have someone who is role model and shows that veing a loud mouth is not exactly a wonderufl thing to be.

      • ya i totally agree… bt i dono… shes been treated like,, jese boltay hein na Fazoool mei sir pr charhana….. n that annoys me to death ;S

  • I never have watched any Turkish or American serials yet and don't even want to. Just love Pakistani dramas. Hate all others.

  • Lovelyyyyyyyyyyy drama… Nt like humsafar at all…. I m looking forward to watch it bt its timing r really similar to fatmagul …. Break toh bht lmbi hoti hain ….
    I really like the drama aw sum

  • How many episodes for noor is this a soup with 150 episode or less then 20 episode. And why people bring humsafar here yar 1 drama bana lia ab aglay 50 saal tak uski been bajatay raho.

  • Humsafer Tou Bohut Zaberdast drama thaa… Noor beykar drama hai, aur zarrori nahi jo arab pasand kreen , pakistan mai bhi wo pasand kea jaey, tou hmarea drama hi best hotta hai.

  • I dont really think that any turkish or indian drama can be like pak dramas noor can never be like humsafar. I noor was one of the hittest serial of its time not only in turkey but the entira arab world but i think that our pak dramas like humasafar,shehrezaat,meri zaat zarra-e-ebenisghan etc should be dubbed in different languages and must shown in countries of muslim world to show them our talent and unique style.

  • i love to watch kivo in pak b/c in my opinion he is the best actor at present….his ishq e memnu n now KG has just mesmerized me…don't be jealous if he is way more better than pak n indian actors…appreciate him n try to improve urself pak n indian actors….inshallah he ll get more popularity around the world…amin….he got the most popular,successful n elegant actor 2013 award recently via MCB polls…best film actor 2013 in 'the dream of a butterfly' n best drama actor golden butterfly award 2012 in KG….love u kivo…all the best

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