One to One with Mehwish Maqsood!

All thanks to social media & Facebook in particular that I got to be in touch with one of the sweetest contestant of Pakistan Idol. Her journey may have been short but the impact wasn’t. After speaking to her I have become an avid fan of her & I must say that the positivity she possesses will take her a lot ahead in life.

I actually requested for an interview & even sent her my questions but she was more comfortable in replying to me spontaneously. The interview was more like a chatting & it was an absolute pleasure of mine to speak to Mehwish Maqsood, who was witty, fun to talk to & very honest. :)

So this was the Q&A session I had with her, there you go:

Me: What inspired you to come to Pakistan Idol?
She: As you know that I belong to a mediocre family. I am not a trained singer & I have never had the resources to get the professional training. But Pakistan Idol is the biggest platform to give recognition to singers like us, that is why I went over there. I never thought that I would be selected but Allhamdullilah not only I was selected, I got the recognition which I wanted as well.

Me: What do you think of the judges? Tell us about them individually?
Bushra Apa: She has a very what we say ‘pakkay kaan’ for sur & taal. She loved me a lot and several times told me that she regretted my elimination.
Ali Azmat Sir: He is very blunt. We all were afraid of him & wanted to hear good comments from him. He has struggled a lot in the early stages of his career & that’s why I think he has become a hard nut to crack.
Hadiqa Ma’am: What a personality! Awesome judge or I must say the only judge who is in search of feel & expression of the singer. Sometimes she does get biased (according to me) but I did always get appreciated by her.

Me: Do the judges help the contestants with the song choices?
She: It is never a judge’s job to help the contestants. Some people are hired for this cause & they are doing their work with sincerity.

Me: Do you think the deserving contestants got eliminated?
She: Yes for sure. But it’s a part and format of the show which everyone should accept & swallow. But I do have a feeling that why now has the management changed the rules of voting where you can only cast 25 votes per sim costing you half a rupee? I say no problem, better late than never.

Me: Now after all the eliminations, who do you think deserves to win the title?
She: According to me, those who will be in the Top 3 are Asad Raza Sonu, Waqas Ali Vicky & may be Kashif Ali, but I personally want Asad Raza Sonu to win as he is an awesome singer.

Me: Who according to you hasn’t been performing well?
She: Shahmir Aziz Quidwai & Rosemary.

Me: Who became your best friend(s) during Pakistan Idol?
She: Well I don’t make friends but one person who was not a contestant & helped me throughout my journey was Danish. I found a true friend for the first time in my life & I want to thank him & also tell him that is he a very good person.

Me: Was He from Pakistan Idol’s team?
She: Yes. He helped me more than I expected.

Me: What’s your message to those who are voting?
She: Message for those who are voting? Hahaha! The choices you all are making makes me laugh and I think that all of you should’ve gotten some sort of a training before being appointed to make such crucial decisions. You guys are ruining it.

Me: What’s your message to your co-contestants who are still in the race?
She: Nothing, just wait for your turn! ;)

Me: Please tell us about the voting system, is it fair?
She: I think so. If not then you can’t do anything but I still think it is fair.

Me: People say ‘the only thing missing from the reality shows is the reality’, is it true?
She: No, it’s not. When we were in the competition, we were in front of the cameras for 15 hours a day, daily! I think Pakistan has never experienced such a reality on television before.

Me: Tell us about your co-contestants in a single word?
(Could be your feelings about them or about their personality)

Mohammad Shoaib: Mera bhai.
Waqas Ali Vicky: Seedha bacha.
Syed Sajjid Abbas: What a guy to be with.
Waqas Ali: Ustaad Jee.
Sana Zulfikaar: Shreya Goshal.
Abdul Rafay Khan: Sings straight from the heart.
Zamad Baig: A singer good at one genre.
Shahmir Aziz Quidwai: Let it be (meaning, no comments).
Asad Raza Sonu: Ehsasat ka badshah.
Ali Asad Zaidi: Rockstar.
Kashif Ali: Overrated
Rosemary: Please, work hard.

Me: How was your experience till your journey?
She: Fantabulous.

Me: How was the response after leaving Pakistan Idol?
She: Uf! I didn’t know that people were in love with my singing. :)

Me: What are your future plans?
She: Music music and then marriage, hahaha!

Me: In the end, a message to all your fans please?
She: I don’t like the word fan & I actually take them all as my friends. So, the message to all my friends is ‘I love you all’.

So, this was it from Mehwish Maqsood, I had a further chat with her & found her very sweet. When I thanked her for her honesty, she said she enjoyed talking to me & answering me for the sake of this interview. :)

So, what are you thoughts on this chit-chat that I had with her & if you have any messages for her, please share with us.

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

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