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Online Shopping

 If you want affordable cars, affordable clothes, used or totally new stuff and you do not have enough time to go to the malls, then there are several wonderful online shopping sites for you to visit. The main objective of online shopping is to sell the products to the consumers without making them go through the entire tiring mall visits. Online shopping has made our lives easier than anything. In such a hectic daily life, it is very difficult to fulfill your shopping desires, taking out time for malls has become a huge problem this is why most people prefer online shopping where they can buy their desired products at the comfort of their homes. Citizens around the world can gain more information about products and services that are available abroad. The needy customers can browse online shopping catalogues without putting any effort. As the internet is becoming popular day by day, this has increased the trend of online shopping.

Beautiful young woman shopping over internet
The most popular sites for online shopping include Amazon and ebay. In Pakistan many facebook pages are now launched that sell products online. These products include, jewellery, dresses, handbags, cosmetics, shoes and phone accessories. Some of the famour online shopping sites of Pakistan include; OLX and The famous facebook pages that sell products online include; Stylista, Glitteratti, Desire accessories, Libaas and many more. Even i prefer online shopping and i have ordered a lot of stuff from these facebook pages. The advantage with these sites is that they offer a wide range of products from different brands or titles, which makes the comparison of goods a lot easier for the consumer. The consumer can browse product categories with different brands and compare prices, features and specifications, quality and performance.

There have been many issues regarding online shopping since its launch in the World Wide Web. Most concerns deal with the late deliveries and poor return/exchange policy. Phishing and pharming sites are websites that pretend to be a trustworthy website that traps the consumer by acquiring their very sensitive information like usernames, passwords, and credit card details for criminal intentions. So always remember that Internet scams exists online just like in the real world. Always be cautious of the websites you intend to do Online shopping from. On the contrary, shopping online with your credit card is safe as long as you deal with a trusted retailer who maintains a verified site and apart from this you must also buy products from a place which you already know or you have heard of is trustworthy. Since 2000, businesses are becoming more and more interested with online visibility. Even bookstores and supermarkets have launched online shopping as a new medium that targets the consumers that are unavailable to visit the store and provide them the convenience of on-time deliveries and secured transactions. If you are interested to purchase items online for the first time, it is important to consider the websites reputation, the extensive product information and availability online, the speed of ordering process and shipping, discount availability, return-exchange-refund policy, and especially the payment scheme. Online shopping websites require credit card payments, but you can email them if they have other options. Other websites have other means of payment transaction like debit cards, electronic money, cash-on-delivery, cheques, wire transfer, postal money order, and PayPal/ Xoom. The biggest advantage is of the cash on delivery option, consumers have to wait for their order, see if its perfect and then pay the amount. This offer usually attracts thousands of consumers.


Everything has its pros and cons, online shopping is considered as something that is helpful but on the other hand some psychiatrists say tha increased addiction of online shopping leads to compulsive shopping disorders. In this disease the patient starts to give priority to online shopping and starts ignoring everything else. Online shopping is usually considered just a hobby but it becomes an addiction when online shopping begins taking over your daily life. The addicts when not engaged in online shopping, start thinking about it and seem to be in a whole new imaginary shopping mall. This sounds funny but it is a fact. They often start to overspend and buy useless items. They tend to neglect their jobs and families. They lie about their purchases and what they spent and as a result they accumulate massive amounts of debt which lead to depression and anxiety. Treatments for this disorder focus on learning how to manage this addictive behaviour. This type of shopper needs to find what causes him to spend, and learn how to avoid those triggers. Erasing any saved credit card information from all websites is also highly recommended. Most importantly, the addict must set his or her own money and time limits. Excess of everything is bad this is why we should know how to balance stuff in our lives, when we get to know this trick then life becomes a whole lot easier.

Written by: Moomal Hassan.

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