Ishq Mein Tere – Episode 09!

Ohkay, so brace yourselves because I am going to be all praises for this particular episode. This was by far the best episode in terms of performances, dialogues & expression of emotions. I am so glad to have tuned to this show because everything about this simple show is absolutely brilliant.

I definitely thought that the idea of Shehryar & Aiza being together was a little odd & I thought it’s going to be uncomfortable to see them get married but the way they have executed their feelings, their emotions, their pre-wedding conversations, it just came across as nothing unusual. I must give credit to Shehzad Nawaz & Mehwish Hayat for performing so brilliantly today & for making their relation look perfect. When Aiza called Shehryar to confirm the acceptance of his proposal, I had so many questions but the very first one was that isn’t Shehryar curious to find out why she agreed or is he not going to ask her about how she actually feels about getting married to him but thankfully as the episode progressed everything fell perfectly into it’s place & all the aspects were covered brilliantly.

Aiza’s discomfort, Bakhtiyar’s concern, him being apologetic, his dissatisfaction, Bhabhi’s jubilance, Shehryar’s confession, his satisfaction & also Laiba’s excitement about her father’s decision, everything was portrayed with perfection. In terms of acting & dialogues, I restate this has to be the best episode this drama has offered till now. I feel Aiza’s honesty conveyed a lot about who she is as a person & how concerned she is about her priorities. Sheheryar said the right thing that her honesty makes her admirable & also his assurance was something Aiza needed to stay firm on the decision she made. For a moment, I did think why Aiza chose Shehryar over Saad because obviously she knew how he felt about her too but then it reminded me of Laiba’s obsession to her cousin & how Aiza promised Laiba to bring her closer to Saad. So, for that purpose I think Aiza made the right choice.

I would’ve appreciated if they had shown Aiza a bit less burdened by the time she had signed the Nikkah papers because this was her own decision without anyone’s say in it so she should’ve been a bit more confident but I think she knew that Shehryar was keeping it as a surprise for his family, which may have concerned her especially how Laiba would react so I think it was justified for her to be stressed. I felt for poor Saad too, he had just recovered from a fatal disease luckily & obviously he was mentally too fragile to be watching his first love go unrequited. I wish his timing was a bit better but obviously he couldn’t have undone what had to happen.

Indeed the character of Sheheyar Hamdani is that of a gentleman, Aiza’s character is something to look up to. The thing I love about this drama is the characterization. I feel the writer paid special attention to bring out the best of each & every character & the facts about all the characters have been established flawlessly. If we look at Cuckoo, even though she is playing a negative character, she doesn’t come across as someone who is completely evil. To me, she is someone who is very very practical & keeps everything in mind when she deals with people. Her move to Shahryar’s house wasn’t something she just stumbled upon in compulsion, in fact it was a well-thought move on her part because she knew she wanted to settle again but with a financially secure person. I love her bits & bobs with her employee & especially how he is always uneasy & how she bosses around him. I must say Aiza’s bhabhi looked really cute in her yellow outfit with her curly hair-do & loud dramatic makeup, she was just so happy to see Aiza getting married to a rich businessman. Mehwish Hayat looked really pretty too but I would’ve liked if she had chosen a different outfit for her Nikkah. Laiba & Sheheryar’s conversation even though was very short but was just enough to show how strong a father-daughter relation can be plus to see Laiba at her age, being so supportive of her father’s decision to get married again is great too.

Finally, something amazing to watch & I am glad it has not at all been disappointing. I think the director deserves a special mention here because obviously all the credit goes to him for executing such a nice story in an unimaginable way. All the attention to detail, acting of all the actors, I am sure the director has worked really hard to provide us with a decent family entertainment & he succeeded. Totally impressed & looking forward to the next episode because it certainly has a lot more drama to offer.

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