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Oops – Sajjid Hassan’s Wife’s Live Bloopers!

Live Shows are always challenging for the guests and the hosts too because everything that happens on the set is seen by the audience there and then. The bloopers might be deleted in the repeated videos but they are always available on the online websites that have recorded them. This blooper might be one of those too. Sajjid Hassan’s wife was invited to Sanam Baloch’s Morning Show but she could not come therefore she called on the show in order to thank the host. Unfortunately for her and probably for her husband as well, who looked very embarrassed, that she referred to Sanam Baloch as Nida and then also thanked Rabbiya Chaudhry who was not even the part of this show. As it turned out the problem was that she had tuned into Nida’s ARY show on TV and not Sanam’s online show on ARY News! I think the dear lady is not a morning person and Sanam should think twice before inviting her to her show again!