Osman Khalid Butt Shares A Moment With Meera Jee

We all remember the days when Osman Khalid Butt used to upload to the Youtube. His Humsafar parody went viral as well as her impressions of Meera Jee. This time, however, we will again see Osman Khalid Butt but not as Meera but with Meera as both of them are starring together in Saqib Malik’s film Baaji.

The film has Mohsin Abbas Haider and Amna Ilyas too in the film and the team has been on a spree to promote their film. Well, they were all together when Meera Jee had a moment with Osman who posted it with his own spin. Check out his post:

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Well, looks like after imitating Meera Jee for a long time, we finally have OKB becoming her biggest fan!

Pakeeza Dar