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Our Producers are now not only just producing good dramas but I have been noticing lots of variety in dramas’ OSTs as well. If you look at some previous dramas the OSTs were usually slow but now the composers are doing a perfect job by including variety in it. Now in OSTs I can hear lots of drum and electric guitar as well. As I have mentioned earlier our dramas’ OSTs are now much better in comparison with Bollywood films’ songs. Literally if our OSTs are promoted alongside dramas then to be honest people will stop listening to Indian songs but the fact is that people pay little heed towards drama songs. Now we have to make people aware that they should listen to OSTs as well.

Another good thing is that as Drama Industry is only recognising our singers so you will find many talented singers singing soundtracks with their heart touching voices. Now talking about OSTs I will give a loud shout to Sahir Ali Bhagga and Waqar Ali who are the masterminds. Honestly I am in love with their different compositions and the way they compose music is totally distinctive and unique, they are setting perfect example of innovation in music.

Hence my topic is to get familiarise you guys with the OSTs that I use to listen and I cannot simply pass my day without listening to even one OST. You can say it’s my mandatory everyday medicine and honestly speaking I mostly listens to Pakistani Songs now how patriotic I am. So here is a list of soundtracks that I have burnt by listening to it everyday. I have posted a video link so that you can also try some OSTs from my list that you haven’t listened before:

Humsafar OST: This OST tops in my chart and not only in my chart but I guess in everyone’s chart and that’s why on YouTube you can see 2.7 million views of this OST, the most highest rated OST. Tremendously composed by Waqar Ali and flawlessly sung by Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch.

Khuda Aur Muhabbat OST: This is my second best OST and again probably others as well because on YouTube there are 2.5 million views of this song, second highest rated song after Humsafar. Ahmed Jahnzeib had done a wonderful job by singing this soundtrack.

Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan OST: I must say that this was not only a heart touching drama but its OST also contains pain. The singer needs absolutely no introduction as he is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. I still remembered when I listened to this OST after watching the drama I feel like crying.

Dastaan OST(Aasmano se): This brilliant drama needs no explanation but I am also speechless in describing the beauty of this soundtrack. As soon as I started listening to the starting lines “ Aasmano se utara noor hai koi aisa lagta hai jese hoor hai koi” I close my eyes until song finishes. Sohail Hiader indeed got a soulful voice.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai OST: I will talk about both the one that was sung by Hadiqa and one by Ali Zafar. Still I didn’t find the reason why two OSTs had been sung for one drama but any ways both OSTs are great. Hadiqa and Ali Zafar both have done a commendable job. I mostly listens to Hadiqa’s one.

Thori Si Wafa Chaiye OST: Another brilliant piece of work by Waqar ali and great performance by Rahat. Now I know why people are crazy about rahat, he sings every song according to the theme and his voice automatically connects with the scenario. Although I have never watched this drama but the OST video will explain you the whole drama, any ways I love to listen this OST.

NEEYAT OST: When the powers are combined then Captain OST will be formed. Yes I am talking about Sajjad Ali and Waqar Ali. I still remembered the day when I listened to this OST and how I fell in love with this soundtrack and I had replayed it almost 25 times in a day. A masterpiece by both brothers and a must listen OST.

Aik Naye Cinderella OST(YAR-E-MAN): Not only the drama will take you to the Disney land, but its OST as well. Splendidly sung by a living legend Javed Bashir with a touch of qawwali. This soundtrack is a great example of variety in OSTs and I will recommend others to listen to this track.

Meri Beti OST(Bhoola na yeh dil): The powers are again combined to produce this lovely OST. Sajjad Ali’s voice never failed to mesmerize me and again he won my heart through this OST, but here specially I will give credit to lyricist. This line sounds very close to real life “ Zindagi youn tujhe kabhi socha nahi jee liye us tarah jese chaha nahi”. This drama may failed in direction but its OST has not failed in waqar ali’s composition.

Darmiyan OST: Before I comment on Nabeel’s Voice I need to salute Sahir Ali Bhagga on its awesome compostion. The lameness of this drama cannot be described the only good thing is its OST great job Nabeel!

MeriI Zindagi Hai Tu OST: Another good story spoiled through dragging and direction, this drama may failed to attract audience but its OST succeeded. If you are in a romantic mood and wants to listen to a romantic song then this soundtrack is a best choice. This soundtrack is on my hit list and I listen to this song 4 to 5 times in a day. Awesome comeback by nouman Javaid by singing this OST.

Sannata OST(Zihaal-e-Miskeen): Listening to this soundtrack means mind=blown. Don’t know but this soundtrack give me some sort of energy and motivation probably because of energetic music and I cannot stop myself to listen to this song on a daily basis. We can never expect bad from Sahir Ali Bhagga, this person is surely a complete institution.

Aasmano Pe Likha OST: As soon as I had listened to this OST for the very first time I started searching for the singer name and finally I got his name as Adeeb Ahmed. Where was this man before? He has sung it with a complete feel and there is saying in Urdu “Doob ke Gana aur mehsoos karke Gaana” he had absolutely sung in that way. Indeed a very catchy OST.

Zindagi Tere Bina OST: If you want to know the class of Nabeel’s singing then just listen to this OST. The whole credit of this OST goes to Nabeel I think no one could have ever better sung this song except Nabeel. I listen to this on a daily basis, Nabeel said that Darmiyan was his best soundtrack but I will say this is his best soundtrack. This has to be the top ten OST of 2014.

Do Qadam Door Thay OST: When two talented young guns meet then you will get this type of OST. Another title track that I have burnt by replaying it again and again. Nida Arab and Nabeel both have done absolute justice to this song and Waqar Ali how many surprises do you have please tell me? This is his another masterpiece.

Ranjish Hi Sahi OST: This drama is just a masterpiece by A&B Productions. This OST is a great conversion to an energetic song from Mehdi Hassan’s popular ghazal. Alycia Dias you had me once again and please can anyone tell me the name of composer and male singer. This song is also included in my daily medication.

Shareek-e-Hayat OST: This OST is a perfect example of dynamics. I have never listened to such a soothing, mesmerizing and melodious song. First of all I cannot believe that this is a soundtrack, if this would be an Indian movie song its views are touching in millions. This magic is only in Sahir’s voice, beautiful just beautiful.

AUNN ZARA OST: If you want some dhammal then Aunn Zara OST is the best choice and other great thing is that this OST portrays the perfect dhammal of this drama. A great Punjabi and Urdu mixed Bhangra OST. This has to be in TOP TEN OSTs of 2013 at least in my opinion.

Takay Ki Ayegi Baraat song: Although the song is in pure Punjabi but it refreshes my mind and I ends up my depression by listening to this song. You can say it is my weird choice but this song had 1.8 million views on YouTube.

Mere Qatil Mere Dildar: Personally I am not a fan of Sara but I am must say that she had sung this OST flawlessly and with an absolute feel thereby attracting me towards it. Half a million views on YouTube is an example how lovely this OST is.

Other OSTS that I listen but rarely: Shukk OST, Kanakr OST, RUBARU OST, Bunty I love You OST, Zindagi Dhoop tum Ghana Saaya OST and Wafa Kaisi Kahan ka Ishq.

Therefore these are the only OSTs that have mesmerized me, so update me with your OST’s that you love to listen? Please share your choices.