Rubaru – Episode 10!

Interesting episode! I like how they are going ahead with the story. The way they have dealt with the details of past & the happenings of the present is what’s making it interesting to watch, for me at least.

Neelam started drugging herself because she wanted to come out of her depression. She now wanted her baby girl but at least she should’ve been satisfied because her daughter was with her own family. She was under the care of Neelam’s mother & brothers, at least this thought should’ve put Neelam to peace but seems like she was getting restless as now she got everything she wanted, so she definitely wanted something more from her life.

Is it just me or that spark was actually missing from Taimoor & Neelam’s relation? By looking at them no one could’ve imagined that they had this love flare between them which forced them to overcome all the obstacles & even cross the thin lines of morality & be with each other. Just a few days of their togetherness & they already started looking like a bored couple with growing distance between them. May be because we didn’t see any of their long talks about how much they loved each other or anything of that sort after they got married. Even though they had their baby on the way but the chemistry was missing. In the meantime, Surmed was feeling deprived of his father’s attention & this makes me say once again that Taimoor for me failed to be a good human being even. He couldn’t do justice to his first wife Seema, then to his only son Surmed. No doubt he was selfish, it’s acceptable, he wanted things his way but who ignores the child just like that?

Shabbi got to know every single detail she was curious of from Surmed’s khalu Arif. At first when the Neelam’s part was skipped I wondered why was that so but then I understood it was left incomplete once again because they will reveal what happens to her & her baby in the upcoming episodes, I think this is just the right way to reveal the past because it keeps the interest intact. Finally, on Arif Khalu’s suggestion she started working on Surmed & her relationship now because at first she was just curious about things that shouldn’t have concerned her but yes, after being done with the detail digging she decided to work on her marriage. She did all she could to make Surmed feel loved & he was actually moved. I enjoyed that part of the episode the most where she took care of Surmed & he was being touched by her gestures.

It was sad seeing Shabbi face one of Surmed’s fits once again. It was a first time that Shabbi’s mamu opened up about her saying that she never ever let him forget Neelam & it was because of her mother that held him back from being affectionate to Shabbi as she reminded of Neelam as well. He had hated what Neelam did in her life & sadly the consequences were faced by Shabbi but still he felt for the poor baby because it was not her fault at what happened. Tipu & Kiran can buy a ticket & go to Moon, no one is bothered about them because they are just burdensome & nothing else.

The preview of the next episode was interesting because Surmed will now admit how he has fallen for his wife. Let’s see what happens next.

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