Our Reply To Faseeh Bari Using Degrading Language For Bloggers

A list comprising of the most memorable performances of the decade was posted on Reviewit a few days back. This was a list based on the personal choices of the leading writers on this website and more of an attempt to start a discussion about these performances. Everyone was asked to add more names and this was definitely by no means the final verdict. It was an effort of Reviewit.pk to appreciate and acknowledge the commendable work that has been done in the last 10 years.

Reviewit always welcomes criticism and this is definitely not the first time that a writer has shown ‘discontent’ with the views shared on this platform. This is however the first time that a writer thought it was alright for him to label the content writers on Reviewit in particular and others in general as ‘dogs who bark’! We are talking about this status shared by Faseeh Bari Khan which we would have gladly missed had someone not tagged us!

Our Reply To Faseeh Bari Using Degrading Language For Bloggers

Faseeh Bari Khan, who says that he couldn’t care less about the opinion of these so-called bloggers and considers them dogs who bark needlessly, is actually quite welcoming of all the praise that comes his way through these ‘bloggers’ and ‘so-called critics’. We request people to visit his Facebook page to see that he has not removed the tags from any of those videos which are shared on his page that praise his dramas and him.

We understand that Faseeh Bari was ‘disappointed’ with the list posted on Reviewit but is this really the way to share your frustration? A writer who calls other people dogs for having an opinion different from his own thinks he somehow is intellectually superior. More upsetting is the fact that so many other writers who actually share content from Reviewit on a regular basis also agreed with him and did not call him out for his choice of words. The fact is that the writers on Reviewit are more honest than they are on any other website and they are the most read as well (Google statistics!). The reason for this is that Reviewit has never posted paid material or lists based on PR even though we have been repeatedly approached and sometimes even pressurized by PR agencies of different celebrities to write in their favor. Only because the leading writers do not share and post behind-the-scene information on the website makes the writers think that they can say whatever they feel like.

We would like to ask Faseeh Bari, would he allow the bloggers to use the same words for him too if they do not like his content? He is a great writer but he is also human so surely he can make a mistake every now and then too. And when he does would that mean the bloggers should also belittle him in the same manner? He has a wonderful sense of humor and he is great at satire, surely he could have voiced his frustrations and disappointments in a more meaningful and less demeaning manner. The writers on Reviewit.pk are known to be brutally honest when it comes to their opinion but they have never once used the kind of language Faseeh has in voicing his opinion.

The fact that he thinks that the writers on Reviewit are ‘burgers’ who despise his ‘masterpiece’ Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewa just goes to show that he has never even read the content on the website. Since the drama has not once been discussed on this platform in a positive or negative manner.

Faseeh Bari Khan you call us ‘jahil’ yet your status speaks volumes of how well-mannered and cultured you are yourself. It was also sad to see actors such as Seemi Raheel supporting him just because some of her favorites (including herself) were not on the list. Another writer Edison Idrees Masih also agreed with Faseeh’s notion. We also understand why Edison felt the need to do so because while the rest of the crowd was busy praising his work, Reviewit.pk was the only website that called him out for blatantly copying Bollywood’s Blockbuster Saathiya’s entire story and using it as a script for his Sajal Aly-Imran Abbas starer drama serial Noor ul Ain. We are sure that if Noor ul Ain had gotten positive reviews, Edison Idrees Masih would have never left such a comment.

Our Reply To Faseeh Bari Using Degrading Language For Bloggers

At this point, fans and followers are flocking to Reviewit to remind the writers that they missed Hina Dilpazeer’s name, which is perfectly alright and they are more than welcome to do so, but it is upsetting that Faseeh has instigated it in a negative manner and the ripple effect is in full swing. However, those fans could have done so before his Facebook post since the comments section under that particular article was already open ever since it was posted. All the readers were time and again encouraged and reminded that they are free to add more names to the list, rather than making it all about the fact that the leading and experienced writers forgot to add the rest of the names. Faseeh should have used the same approach that instead of insinuating it in such an uncouth manner, he simply could’ve shared and added the names that he felt deserved the attention.

We mostly ignore such posts by writers, producers, and actors but this time around the language used in the status was simply unacceptable therefore it was important to give a reply to a writer who should practice what he preaches – an open-minded approach and less jahalat perhaps while choosing his wording. This is definitely not the first time the writers of Reviewit.pk have been attacked in such a manner but the only question we feel should be asked is when they don’t mind the praises, why is it so hard for them to accept the criticism, or in this case lack thereof because his masterpiece was not even covered on Reviewit.pk.

Since we believe in transparency and honesty, we would still like to thank him for stating ‘jinke ikhtiyar mai social media ka chabuk hai’, because it goes to show that he very well knows and acknowledges the power of Reviewit and we are glad to see that amidst his frustration, he ended up proving how credible we are! We have worked really hard for almost a decade writing credible content for this website and for ensuring that it stays among the best and surely your opinion about ‘bloggers’ and ‘critics’ does not demean their value. The very fact that you read this article, shared it, and you were so frustrated that one of your characters wasn’t acknowledged goes to show the value of the feedback Reviewit.pk writers give. When we write these articles, we make sure we are not writing to please anyone therefore when someone from the entertainment fraternity, in particular, criticizes, we accept it as a natural outcome.

We would also like to thank all those wonderful people who reached out to us in private and extended their support. It is because of people like you that we know hard work pays off, thank you. We are ready to move on, starting with new-found energy and motivation thanks to all your love.

Fatima Awan & Zahra Mirza