Our safety should be our priority rather than taking photos: Man falls into Neelum River while clicking a photo

In the Neelum Valley, a tourist slipped off a few rocks and drowned into the Neelum River on Thursday according to the police.
Humayun was a resident of the Gulberg area of Karachi who was visiting the valley with his family.

Travelling to the Neelum Valley, the family stopped their car by the roadside near Sathriyan in Athmuqam, some 80 kilometres from Muzaffarabad.

They decided to take some photos by the banks of the Neelum River.

Police said that Humayun had climbed on top of a large rock to take pictures of his daughters with the river in the background. But he lost his footing, slipped and fell into the raging river.

Locals rushed to the spot to help fish him out but failed to save him.

This is an important reminder for everyone that safety comes first.