Pakistani Actors Who Did Not Like Working Together

When actors sign a project sometimes they do not really know their co-stars. They could be coming together for a commercial, photoshoot, drama, or a film together for the first time. Whether these actors end up forming the kind of working relationship which makes them comfortable or not is a big question mark. Obviously most actors are diplomatic and they do not share in interviews with who they did not like working. There are other actors who sometimes drop hints in an interview which clearly reflect their experiences. It would be safe to say that these hints are a clear indication that these actors will not be seen working together again.

Interestingly enough, some of these actors have worked together in projects which were mega hits. The viewers couldn’t even have imagined that they did not like working together at all.

Here is a list of those Pakistani actors who did not like working together.

Syra Yusef and Fawad Khan

Most of the celebrities would love to work with Fawad Khan but when Syra Yusef got such an opportunity she did not enjoy it much! When she was asked a question as to why she gave 4 out of 10 while rating him, her reply pretty much summed up that working with him was not a pleasant experience. She did not go into the details and Fawad Khan is obviously someone who hardly ever gives interviews so we don’t know his side of the story. Syra’s quick answer however showed that she did not like working with the superstar!

Hania Aamir and Ahad Raza Mir

Hania Aamir shared screen space in the film Parwaz Hei Junoon. Anyone who watched their interviews together during Parwaz Hei Junoon promotions probably guessed that they are poles apart. It was also obvious that Ahad Raza Mir was not too comfortable around his co-star Hania. When in an interview Hania was asked who her least favorite co-star was, she did not take Ahad’s name but only told the first letter of his name. Since Ahad Raza Mir is the only actor starting with the alphabet A with whom she had worked recently, it was obvious that she was talking about Ahad Raza Mir. Since she worked with Armeena Rana Khan a long time back, it is highly unlikely that she was talking about her.

Here is another interview in which Hania Aamir and Ahad Raza Mir along with Hamza Ali Abbasi were giving many of those interviews which were meant to promote their film Parwaz Hei Junoon. It is obvious that Ahad was trying to avoid Hania Aamir even though her reactions were difficult to ignore! It can be safely said that these two actors will not be seen on-screen together again.

Humaima Malick and Mahira Khan

Humaima Malick and Mahira Khan worked together in the film Bol and they are also part of the upcoming film The Legend of Maula Jatt even though Mahira Khan outright said in an interview that if she had a choice to work with either Humaima or Mawra, she will choose Mawra. It is apparent that when someone as diplomatic as Mahira Khan chooses one celebrity over the other, there is a good reason for it!

Not only this, Humaima Malick in one of her interviews said that if ever Mahira was to be sent in prison, it would be because of favoritism. This indicates that Humaima does not think Mahira is worthy of everything she has achieved so far and that her stardom is a product of favoritism.

Sanam Jung and Ahsan Khan

Sanam Jung and Ahsan Khan were hosting a morning show at one point. In two different interviews, Sanam Jung said that hosting with Ahsan Khan was challenging since he can be really competitive. Although Sanam Jung was really cool while talking about it and she also said that Ahsan was a dear friend, she clearly did not like the experience of working with him. Even when two friends work together sometimes it is not an enjoyable experience.

When Ahsan Khan invited Sanam Jung to his show, he also gave a clarification for his behavior! He was also mature about it therefore it did not turn into a controversy. It is however true that Sanam Jung had a really difficult time hosting with Ahsan Khan since he wanted things his way.

Zhalay Sarhadi and Shabbir Jan

Zhlalay Sarhadi is an actress who makes sure that she speaks her mind. While giving an interview to HSY she talked about the time when she worked with Shabbir Jan. She said that Shabbir Jan was really distant on the set so much so that he did not even give a decent reply to her salam. That is when Zhalay talked about it in several interviews since this was definitely not a good working experience for her, Shabbir Jan changed her attitude towards her. Now she says that the issue is sorted and they enjoy working together.

Sheheryar Munawar and Fawad Khan

Sheheryar Munawar has established himself as a serious actor with his powerful performance in Pehli Si Mohabbat. However, when he started working his first on-screen appearance was with Fawad Khan in the drama serial Zindagi Gulzar Hei. He was playing Fawad Khan’s friend in the drama and did not have a central character. In a recent interview, Sheheryar shared how terrible it was working alongside an actor who had just given a mega-hit and was on the top of the game. Sheheryar openly shared that Fawad Khan bullied him because he was convinced that Sheheryar was there not because of his acting skills but because his phupo was the one directing the drama. Sheheryar shared that Fawad was one of those many seniors on the set who never even tried to guide him but only made things difficult for him.

Some of these actors have sorted out the issues between them, others it seems are still not comfortable working with each other. Mahira and Humaima will be working in a film together whether they like it or not! Ahad and Hania we are guessing will most probably not be sharing screen space anytime soon! Syra Yusef too is not too keen on working with Fawad Khan. Sheheryar Munawar is now not just an actor but also a producer and as a producer, he has worked with Fawad Khan multiple times. He said that his relationship with Fawad Khan was now ‘civil’ but he clearly still feels that the treatment meted out to him was unfair. It takes a lot of courage to share such experiences with the public therefore these celebrities deserve appreciation for their honesty.


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  • Good well researched article. I noticed Ahad’s attitude during PHJ promotions. He was in a relationship with Sajjal back then, could be that Sajjal asked him to keep a distance. He was close friends with Kubra, that ended too after the engagement. I didn’t know about Humaima and Mahira! Interesting

    • I don’t think Sajal said this. Sajal is herself a very introvert person and same is Ahad. About Hania and Ahad Hania is very outspoken and extrovert and that may be the reason they don’t like each other’s company.

  • I followed almost all the promotional interviews of Parwaaz hai Junoon… Hania continuously was cutting off Hamza and Ahad and it was annoying. Both the interviews you shared are of the same time… so yeah. she was in the same crazy zone. But I have seen their pictures together recently. I hope they work together. They shared a great chemistry on-screen.

  • Hania and Ahad are friends. In every interview, Hania chose Ahad over Hamza and they always sat together while traveling for the shoot… not to mention Ahad praised her a lot when talking about strongest people on set

  • It’s quite disappointing to know how Fawad bullied the new comer Shahayar. So shocked I can’t find words to explain my feelings. Fawad Khan the biggest ever star, how can he bully his juniors instead of helping them. Its just disgusting