Pakistani Actresses Who Got Lip Fillers Done

Pakistani actresses are constantly trying to reinvent themselves. While doing so, they don’t just polish their acting skills and style but nowadays undergoing certain procedures is also part of the ‘beautifying’ process. There are some Pakistani actresses who chose not to get these procedures done but there are many more who are continuously getting Botox and fillers done in order to look better. There was a time when such procedures were not very common in Pakistan and everyone used to age gracefully. Nowadays, however, there are certain set standards of beauty that Pakistani actresses think they need to follow. If they do not like a certain facial feature they can easily get it altered through these fillers and Botox.

Lip Fillers

What are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are probably the most common form of fillers and ones which most girls who are beauty conscious get because a big pout is considered more attractive. These fillers are injected through an injection and it takes a few days for these fillers to settle down. Lip fillers are temporary like any other such treatment. They last for a few months therefore it is up to the client whether they want another filler once the first one wears off.

Lip fillers1

Lip fillers are of different kinds and these fillers have varying results. The client can pick one of the available lip fillers and get their desired shape. That is why very often the shape of the lips of the people who get them done keeps on changing. A filler can bring about a major change or a minor one depending on the intensity of the filler and the preference of the client.

Lip fillers2

Pakistani Actresses & Lip Fillers

Some of the Pakistani actresses have experimented with lip fillers over the years. Most of them used these fillers to enhance their lips a little and there are also those who went all out with this experimentation. Actresses such as Nadia Hussain and Shaista Lodhi who are practicing doctors do such procedures as well. Nadia Hussain has even injected fillers on models in shows. Here is one such video showing her injecting a filler in a show. The expressions of the model suggest that she has not been properly numbed before being injected.

If the procedure is done right then it is not painful since the area in which the fillers are injected is completely numb during the procedure.

Some of the Pakistani actresses who get different cosmetic procedures done are quite vocal about it so much so that a couple of them even post pictures of when they get such procedures done. Benita David has also gotten such procedures done on live shows. Most of these actresses however never talk about these procedures even if they are asked they usually say that they did not get any such thing done.

Here is a list of those Pakistani actresses who got lip fillers done.

Aisha Khan

Aisha Khan looks really pretty all the time. A comparison of her pictures from the time she joined the industry and one from her latest projects shows that she also got lip fillers apart from other cosmetic procedures.

Aisha Khan1

Benita David

Benita David has been quite honest about the cosmetic procedure she got done. Nadia Hussain injected lip fillers on her in a live morning show as well. Apart from that she also got skin whitening injections and she keeps on visiting Shaista Lodhi’s clinic for other treatments as well. She openly confesses that the industry has certain beauty standards that can only be fulfilled through these procedures since she doesn’t have them naturally.


Fiza Ali

The change in Fiza Ali’s lips is quite obvious from these comparison pictures. She definitely got lip fillers more than once but she is one of those celebrities who say that they never got any cosmetic procedures done. She says that she lost weight and her facial features became more prominent. That most certainly does not seem like the case here!

Fiza Ali1

Fiza Ali

Ghana Ali

Ghana Ali is really conscious about her looks which is why it does not come as a surprise that she is also on this list. She openly confessed to getting a nose job done but she has never said that she got lip fillers done too. These pictures however make it clear that she got the cosmetic treatment done.


Hania Aamir

Hania Aamir recently got lip fillers and everyone was seen commenting about it. Recently when she posted some of her pictures, people noticed the change in her instantly. It remains to be seen whether Hania chooses to make this a permanent feature or she decides not to get these fillers injected once the present ones lose their effectiveness.

HaniaHania Aamir

Kubra Khan

Kubra Khan’s lip fillers go from being a little too intense to being soft. But ever since she got them for the first time, she chose to stick with them. That pout is now a permanent feature on Kubra’s face which is why most of the fans and followers are used to seeing her with it.

Kubra Khan

Maira Khan

When Maira Khan chose to make a comeback in the industry, she also decided to use these cosmetic procedures in order to look younger and more attractive. She opted for fillers which make her lips look more round and defined.

Maira Khan

Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat is probably one of the first few celebrities who got these fillers. She has tweaked with her other features as well but the change in her lips is more obvious than all the other cosmetic procedures she got done.


Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain is another one of those actresses who get such beauty treatments done on a regular basis. Since she is also someone who does such treatments herself on her clients, she has been seen promoting cosmetic treatments regularly in television shows. She also got lip fillers a few years back but she did not go for fillers which would make her lips look too prominent.

Nadia Hussain

Neelam Munir

Neelam Munir also got lip fillers but she also did so in a way that her cosmetic surgery won’t be too obvious. She made sure that the changes in her lips changed her overall look but did not look too conspicuous.

Neelam Munir

Sabeeka Imam

Sabeeka Imam is a model and actress who is getting more comfortable with getting cosmetic procedures done with time. She got lip fillers early on in her career but she makes sure she keeps on changing how her lips look by trying out different fillers each time she gets the treatment done.

Sabeeka Sabeeka Imam

Sonya Hussyn

Sonya Hussyn is considered one of the most attractive looking actresses in the industry. She got fillers done for the first time after her nikkah in 2014. That was the year when she started paying more attention than ever to her overall look. Since then she got lip fillers done many times and she also got a smile makeover. This procedure has changed her overall look completely.

Sonya 2Sonya1

Sidra Batool

Sidra Batool had a really cute and innocent face when she joined the industry. A few months after her first project she surprised the fans and followers with the change in her face with the cosmetic surgeries she got done. In the beginning, this change looked too intense but over the years, people have gotten used to her new look. Her lip fillers were much more prominent at first but with time she decided to get such fillers done which were not too prominent.

Sidra Batool

Sadia Imam

Sadia Imam does not hide the fact that she gets cosmetic procedures done. She got lip fillers done a few years back and since then she keeps on experimenting with these fillers.

Sadia Imam1Sadia Imam

Shaista Lodhi

Since Shaista Lodhi herself is a doctor who does cosmetic surgery, her lip fillers are minimal. She used these fillers to fill the natural gap between her lips therefore the change is in the middle of her lips and not too obvious.

Shaista Lodhi

Sara Loren

Sara Loren underwent a complete makeover when she rebranded herself with her new name and identity. She was known as Mona Lisa before and she did not have any cosmetic procedures done on her. When she decided to give herself a new introduction she also got cosmetic procedures done. Her lip fillers make her lips look more prominent. Here is a before and after picture which shows the difference in her lips.

Sara Loren

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