Pakistani Actresses Who Were Considered Home Wreckers

Wedding is the most special moment of a person’s life and when you are a celebrity, everyone wants to know more about your spouse and public life. Sometimes certain things related to the private life of a celebrity become so public that this wedding turns into a controversy. Due to such circumstances in the recent past, many of the actresses who got married were termed as homewreckers. They faced severe criticism from the public and some of them completely stopped using social media and making public appearances because of this criticism. Some of them were accepted by the public after a few years or months, others continue to get hate. A lot depends on the way a celebrity handles such a response and what the actual details relating to their marriage are.

It is also true that in our society even when a man is an equal partner, women are termed as home wreckers. Most people put the blame on the woman and hold them more accountable than the men. Because of this, the women have to bear the brunt more and are constantly under criticism. At other times, since the woman is the only celebrity in the relationship, they have to face criticism more than their husbands who are not celebrities.

Here is a list of those Pakistani actresses who got a lot of hate because they were considered home wreckers.


Naveen Waqar

Naveen Waqar was known for her role in Hamsafar until she got married to Azfar Ali in 2012. Azfar had been married to Salma Hassan for more than 10 years and their couple was loved by many. They gave many interviews together in which they appeared to be the perfect couple. Naveen and Azfar’s marriage was also a proper formal affair which raised even more questions. Azfar also decided not to talk about his first wife and went on to give several interviews with Naveen in which they shared how they fell in love and got married. This made people even more enraged.

Salma openly talked about her husband’s affair while he was married and his decision to get married in interviews. Salma also shared how devastating this was for her and that she even warned Naveen because in her opinion Azfar was confused when he decided to marry Naveen. When people got to hear the truth from Salma, they termed Naveen Waqar as a homewrecker who had an affair with a married man. No doubt, Azfar also faced criticism but Naveen’s career and life were more affected than him!

Naveen and Azfar’s marriage lasted for almost 3 years only. Later on, Naveen talked about how difficult things got for her because of all the hate she got from the public. She also feels that it is better to stay single than to get married to the wrong man!

Pakistani Actresses Who Were Considered Home Wreckers

Sadaf Kanwal

Syra Yusef and Shahroz Sabzwari got married when they were still young. They were one of the most loved couples in the industry. The news of their separation and divorce actually came only after people were already talking about Sadaf and Shahroz’s relationship. While Syra decided to stay quiet for the longest time, Shahroz repeatedly tried to calm the critics down by giving different explanations which only made things worse. Sadaf was quickly termed as a homewrecker and the other woman who created differences between a happily married couple. The criticism against her was so severe that Shahroz had to post a video clarifying that Syra and he were already separated when he decided to get married to Sadaf.


Every year Shahroz and Syra used to perform in award shows but in the 2019 IPPA Awards, Shahroz dance with Sadaf Kanwal. Many people were of the opinion that this affair had already started and that is why Syra decided to walk away. To date, Syra has never talked about what actually happened but Sadaf Kanwal continues to get hate even though the couple has been married for quite some time now.

Pakistani Actresses Who Were Considered Home Wreckers

Sadaf Kanwal has often shared that she does not even care about the comments people make and what they say about her. She stays active on social media and does not shy away from sharing her opinion as bluntly as she wants to.

Pakistani Actresses Who Were Considered Home Wreckers

Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan got married recently and everyone was actually impressed with her husband. She was really generous while sharing her wedding pictures and her story with her fans and followers. She also introduced her husband in detail, sharing everything he had achieved and also the fact that he had a son from his previous marriage. Everything was going well for the actress until her husband Faysal’s second wife made some claims that were shocking for many. She claimed that her ex-husband was abusive and that Nadia and Faysal were involved even when they were still married.

These claims changed things drastically and all of a sudden people who were happy for Nadia Khan saw her as a homewrecker. However, Nadia Khan handled the entire situation calmly and assured her fans that she was not being betrayed in any way! However, there were still a lot of people who supported Lubna (Faisal’s ex-wife) and blamed Nadia Khan for having an affair with a married man! Since Faisal’s wife backed off after revealing the truth, things did not worsen and Nadia Khan has for the most part not even paid attention to all the criticism.

Pakistani Actresses Who Were Considered Home Wreckers

Naheed Shabbir

When the pictures from Naheed Shabbir’s elaborate wedding functions were shared on social media, most people were happy for her. However, someone who knew Naheed’s husband and his first wife shared details that took everyone by surprise. She shared that Naheed’s husband had left his first wife and kids for Naheed. Faysal Qureshi was also dragged into the controversy because he actively participated in both the weddings!

Pakistani Actresses Who Were Considered Home Wreckers

Naheed Shabbir was criticized severely for having an affair with a married man and breaking his family apart. Yet again the woman was blamed more than the man and Faysal Qureshi was also criticized a lot.

Pakistani Actresses Who Were Considered Home Wreckers

Ghana Ali

Ghana Ali is another actress whose marriage came as a complete surprise to everyone. Initially, her husband was insensitively criticized because of his looks but later on when someone posted that Ghana’s husband already had a  family but he went ahead and got married to Ghana without even informing his first wife. The impression and the feedback of the public changed into hatred towards the actress. Many people accused the actress of getting married to this man because of his money!

Pakistani Actresses Who Were Considered Home Wreckers

Unlike some of the other actresses, Ghana Ali decided to stay quiet because she believed that talking about such things only makes things worse. Even now, whenever Ghana posts a picture with her husband she gets criticized for having an affair with and marrying someone who already had a family.

Tuba Aamir

Tuba Aamir got a lot of hate right from the beginning solely because of the person she chose to marry. Tuba started acting after she got married and the way she came into the limelight was the worst! Aamir Liaquat’s first wife Bushra always had people’s support and she often talked about how Aamir was ignoring his children because of Tuba. In the beginning, Tuba Aamir gave explanations but when she got even more hate as a result of that, she decided to ignore it all! Finally, when Bushra herself shared that her husband divorced her on the phone on Tuba’s instructions, she was criticized severely yet again! Tuba has to be one of those actresses who got more hate for wrecking someone’s house than anyone else! Her husband also had to bear the brunt.

Pakistani Actresses Who Were Considered Home Wreckers


Neha Rajpoot

Neha Rajpoot is well-known for her modeling and she has also done some acting projects. When Maheen Ghani confirmed in a Q & A session that her ex-husband was having an affair with Neha, everyone was shocked! Maheen had waited for years for her husband to come back when he was kidnapped by the Taliban therefore this tragic turn in their lives came as a shock to many. When Maheen informed her followers that she was now divorced, many people termed Neha Rajpoot as a homewrecker who came between these two people who loved each other.

Pakistani Actresses Who Were Considered Home Wreckers

Neha Rajpoot also responded to Maheen’s statement but she did not get any support from the public since was after all having an affair with a married man!

Pakistani Actresses Who Were Considered Home Wreckers

Neha Rajpoot is the only celebrity who hasn’t married the man who people feel left his wife for her. But they are seen together often enough and Maheen gets more support from people! It is clear from the list that while these second wives got so much hate, the first wives got a lot of support and love from the public. Also, many of the celebrity first wives actually flourished more in their careers after their divorce


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