Pakistani Celebrities And Their Kids Celebrates Halloween 2019

Pakistani Celebrities And Their Kids Celebrates Halloween 2019

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  • It is truly unfortunate that we as a nation have no self esteem. Has anyone of us ever heard of even a single westerner celebrating our festivals? They do give gifts n well wishes but never celebrate eid at home. Why do we always want to prove that we are mentally, if not physically slaves of British.

    • Firstly if you are going to criticise then at least get your facts right, trick or treat and dressing up is an American tradition not a British one.

      Secondly, Halloween is not a Christian celebration but a pagan festival celebrated by Celtic people.

      Lastly having a little bit of fun is not a tit for tat thing and got nothing to with national pride or self esteem, it’s just an reason to get out and have a bit of fun. If you don’t want it in your life fair enough, don’t do it.

      • Have fun and have lot of fun but don’t do it on the same day. You are literally copying Pagen celebration. What’s difference between you and them then. Have fun and enjoy life but do what is best for you not just because they are doing it and I want to do it too. Living in America we don’t celebrate Halloween. I am surprised to see how Pakistan being a muslim country do these kinda things.

        • As I said, freedom of choice, you don’t want to do it so don’t do it. they want to celebrate, then let them. Live and let live, concentrate on your own life, rather then trying to dictate others.

          • wah wah….. freedom of speech applies only to ppl like u? we r not allowed to have an opinion wah wah sadqay appkay.

        • Iss hi baat ka too ghumm hay k hum apnay tehwaar oor apnay iqdaar bhool gaye hein… west say kuch jumlay seekh lye hein “freedom of speech” ya “live n let line”. Afsoos sud afsoos aik muslim aysay jumla kabhi nahin bolta … magar yeah to shayeed humari qaum bhool gaye hay k Allah ko jawab dayna hay oor aik muslims doosray ko achaye ki amal ki hidayat dayta oor buraye say rookta hay .. live n let live too hay hi nahin…

  • Thats the irony we always forget that are fundamentals are our religion. i live in USA i have two kids, we don’t celebrate Halloween, my kids live in this environment, though they understood why we don’t follow everything, but masha Allah Pakistani, Pakistan main bhi chhichhore hain aur alhamdulillah yahan bhi utnay hi chhichhore hain, just to fit in, they can do anything.

  • I really do agree with Sana. These things have no place in our Muslim society….trying to shove these pathetic wannabe celebration down our throats ( the society)

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