Pakistani Celebrities Are Having Fun With FaceApp’s New Ageing Filter

Pakistani Celebrities Are Having Fun With FaceApp’s New Ageing Filter – With the technology advancing, we see people designing different applications coming up with the most bizarre ideas sometimes. People enjoy playing with the face apps in particular and filters on different applications are people’s favorite. Recently one face app which has gotten really popular with the Pakistani celebrities is not one which makes you look younger and more attractive but one which makes one look like they have aged.

Every human wonders what it would be like to grow older and what they would look like. Now there is actually a face app which shows people their older version. It’s really interesting to see celebrities uploading their old version pictures on social media as well. Many celebrities are using the app and quite surprisingly there are a lot of celebrities who look just as good looking in these after pictures as they do in present day. Here are some of the celebrity transformations after using the app.

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0 iqraaziz 1563350591

0 mahirakhan 1563349980

0 mehwishhayat 1563350377

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