Kun Faya Kun Episode 3 Story Review – Positive Vibes

Opening Thoughts – Positive Vibes:

Ohkay so, this episode of Kun Faya Kun was pretty much the same as the previous episode but somehow, I am still enjoying watching it. I guess these days after getting overdosed with heavy & social issue based dramas, I have started to enjoy dramas that are less-heavy even if they do not show something totally new or unique. Kun Faya Kun though has its fair share of evil characters but I like how the overall feel & vibe of this drama is positive & is based on the idea of how hope keeps you going.

Armaan Has Fallen For Mashal:

Shama & Faseeha had a falling out but going by what Areesha said, this was not something that had happened for the first time. It seems both Shama & Faseeha were habitual of such phases but then they both got back together eventually because firstly they are related & secondly, they both share the same mental wavelength. Faseeha was humiliated by Shama. I find it interesting how Shama always has an upperhand & she outbids Faseeha. Faseeha is her own kind of evil but Shama is on a different level.

This episode focused more on how things were going to change after Armaan’s involvement in the equation. Armaan came back but he was obviously disappointed to see how Appa Jee was mistreated by both Faseeha & Shama. It is interesting to see how all the men of the family are not shocked by what both Shama & Faseeha were trying to insinuate because they are very much aware of how their minds roll. Armaan also assured Appa Jee that he will take care of her & Appa Jee felt a burden being lifted off her shoulders. Appa Jee does not want anything for herself but she obviously can not turn a blind eye to the fact that Mashal is her responsibility & she has a heart, some feelings & small little needs too.

Armaan kind of didn’t imagine that Mashal would’ve grown into such a beautiful young girl. He couldn’t actually take his eyes off her & then, he couldn’t take her out of his mind too. Armaan has fallen in love with Mashal but he is too hesitant to say, however, he wanted to do something nice for her because he knows that she probably doesn’t have anyone in her life who’d spoil her or make her feel special.

Once again, like all the previous episodes, this episode of Kun Faya Kun again had a very special heart to heart conversation that Mashal & Appa Jee had. Mashal obviously feels devastated that she does not have her parents with her. Mashal has grown up seeing injustice & unfair treatment that she was subjected to. Even though Mashal has accepted everything gracefully but still, being a child at heart & an innocent one at that, she is way too sensitive & can not hold back, therefore she lets Appa Jee knows everything that she feels – her disappointments, her sadness, her loss of hope, every thing.

Bisma continued to act cute with Hashir which was cringe++. Areesha continued with her evil ways. Areesha obviously thinks she is going to win Armaan over but Shama was a bit too keen to sense her intentions, that is why she let Areesha know indirectly that she didn’t fit the bill of the kind of daughter in law Shama was looking for Armaan & I loved that scene so much. Armaan wants his entire family to be together & stay like that but he has obviously underestimated the greediness of his mother & Faseeha. That scene where Armaan, Hashir, Abbas & Ubaid came together to show support to Appa Jee was very nice too.

So, Armaan ended up gifting Mashal a mobile phone & he had no idea it would land Mashal in trouble. Areesha has started to become my peeve & I am not sure how will I tolerate her character in the future episodes. Mashal was happy but then she was deprived of her happiness, that scene kind of made me feel emotional, she has been through so much but to see people around her mistreating her to this extent is heart-breaking. The least Areesha or even Bisma can do is be courteous to Mashal but they don’t have that in their hearts!

Closing Thoughts – Cinderella & Step Sisters Feel:

Overall, this episode of Kun Faya Kun was on the same lines as the previous episodes have been, however it did promise a change in the scenario because of Armaan’s entry. So far they are focusing on small little incidents that are defining the way Mashal thinks or perceives her fate as but I hope the story takes a turn & something big, like something substantial surfaces which will change the course of her life. So far this drama has definitely proved to be good & it does make me wait for the episodes every week. I want to see something more happening in Mashal’s life than she becoming a victim of family politics. I also get Cinderella vibes after seeing Mashal because even though she does not have 2 step-sisters but both her cousins Bisma & Areesha are exactly like that. Enjoying this drama so far because of the positive feel but hope we get to see some more action soon where there will be much focus on the younger lot & not so much on the elderlies. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Kun Faya Kun.

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Zahra Mirza

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  • Nice Review Ms. Zahra I’m also liking the not so heavy drama and it’s story line. I just hope that Aapa G for once request Mshal to put on less make up please. I mean she is in 12th grade and not that rich and happy. But her blush on, lipstick, under eye shade is always on point.

  • Hi Zahra, very nice review. I enjoyed reading it throughout. Also googled heavy words like cringe & peeve…hahahha…Also liked last title of Cinderella. Yes, we get such vibes here, but you know one thing, though Cinderella was the victim of her step sisters and step mother, but she was confident, daring, outspoken and kindhearted. If you see movie named Ever After of Drew Barrymore, you will understand who Cinderella was. She was not just a girl who leaves her one shoe behind, but much more than that. That confidence we miss in Mashal, but she is doing fine.
    Yes, heart to heart conversation between Aapa Jee & Mashal is always interesting and you know what sometimes it gives a feeling that Aapa Jee is not telling Mashal, but to us. I liked too the scene of all males gather to greet and support Aapa Jee and then Mashal remembering her father was emotional. Really one who don’t have either one of the parents, always compare oneself with the other who have them. Being an orphan is the bitter phase for kids. For Bisma, I would like to see her behaving normal. I mean, who speaks to ones cousins bad words on their face and even go out. It surprises me more, because on the other hand she is in love with someone. Love make you humble & polite and make you behave politeness with others too. Regarding pictures of food and posting on social media. Even in the offices colleagues do this, it is really unfair to Allah for his blessings. When Aapa says to Mashal not to get upset of her cousins and soon everyone will talk about you and liek you, i got a feeling here that Armaan & Hashir both somehow get involved or started liking Mashal and this will make Areesha & Bisma jealous and surprise that what Mashal has that they don’t.

  • Okay, I had not associated it with the Cinderella bit, but that was so on point.
    Secondly, Bisma and Hashir seen are cringe-worthy but tolerable, especially when compared to the casting of Alizay Shah as Mashal. The actress, though adorable, is too young for the role. Everytime I see her on screen with Armaan, seeing as Armaan is being played by an actor who not just does justice to his role but also goes on to show the age difference between the two makes my skin crawl. The pair is 10-years apart at the very least, and seeing him fall head over heels in love with his cousin is giving adding fuel to that cousin marriage concept prevalent in Pakistan.

    I am sorry, but I would have been much more comfortable if Mashal was played by someone a little older or Armaan shouldn’t have been someone that old.