Pakistani Celebrities Who Love To Dance

They say dancing is an art and here in our country we have artists who are naturally skilled in this art.

A number of Pakistani celebrities have this genuine love for dancing that they take to the floor as if there is no tomorrow. And although we’ve seen these celebrities dancing in films and on screen, there is something else about seeing them dance without being bound by choreography and steps.

Here are a few Pakistani celebrities who love to dance;

Neelam Muneer

A number of times, Neelam Muneer’s dancing videos have gone viral and she has always nailed each and every step no matter what she danced on.

Faryal Mehmood

There is absolutely no denying the fact that Faryal Mehmood is an absolutely wonderful dancer. The rhythm with which Faryal grooves, is just so good.

Saba Qamar

Now this diva has got the moves and when she dances, she dances like no one’s watching!

Minal Khan

Although people might really not know, Minal Khan likes to dance and she’s got the moves for it.

Mahira Khan

We’ve seen them dancing on screen, but its another experience to watch Mahira Khan dance freely, unrestricted by steps taught by the choreographer and actually enjoying herself while she’s at it.

laiba sabeen