Pakistani game shows — the reality

Pakistani game shows — the reality

The trend set by one of the Ramazan transmissions has evolved into being one of the most popular programs on television. Be it Amir Liaqat, Fahad Mustafa, Fiza Ali, there is a whole series of such shows on almost every channel. Entertaining, aren’t they? However they are a question mark on not  just media trends but also on ethical values as well as what do they portray about us as a nation. ‘Inam’ or prize seems such an appealing word , one to which we are instantly drawn. Game shows offer a so many of these-cars, bikes, gold, electronics and name anything. But have we thought about the deeper context of these shows. Apparently, no.

Here’s a simple question. Why do we like these shows? A spectrum of reasons may include that they offer relief, they are entertaining and above all, they are source of receiving gifts that normally would not have been possible. Isn’t it? Now let’s look at what happens in a game show. Games that seem so interesting , questions, dancing and all that pleases the audiences. But we haven’t noticed how absurd these games can be, how humiliating host’s attitude can be towards common people and how offensive the jokes can be. For e.g. in a certain game show where older men are invited to dance indeed is insulting in the sense that people who don’t know how to dance are made fun of and laughed at for their poor dancing skills. Other than this, there are a number of games that make no point and yet are played still like eating a whole cake in a minute. Al the while, offensive remarks is also made at the people present. Typical jokes such as how husbands suffer at their wives’ hands are repeated.

What’s worse still is how people beg for prizes. We all have seen women being stubborn to have a bike for their sons, people asking for Umrah tickets and the list goes on. The case in point is higher ratings in whose seek, moral limits are crossed. These shows are substantiating people’s desperateness and exploiting their needs. This explains why people would do anything just to get a bike.

Therefore, these game shows put our morality as well as priorities to question as to why we are so intimidated by a mere prize? Have we lost any sense of sanity that we’ll eat to the most in a minute without a thought and then have gastric problems?  Why do we put everything behind just to win a prize? It is time for us to think if we’re heading on the right track and for the media to understand that such vulnerable methods do get a higher rating but undermine many important factors including audience’s self respect and esteem

Assuming that you could consume greatest number for gulab jamun to least could reasonably be expected time, cycling for your wives sitting behind you, move such as crazy, or ball juggling after that you are qualified will win An engine bicycle. fantastic isn’t  it? We dwell to a culture loaded for people searching for short cuts to get  rich. Now this is a disturbing pattern.

Seeing this present diversion, the inquiry arises; the thing that is behind these shows? This makes us get  the reason these channels would something like that energetic will provide 800CC cars, engine bikes, jewel rings or Indeed BABIES? Yes! you listened it correct! Amir Liaquat Hussain done as much past demonstrate “Amman Ramzan” offered as far as babies to childless couples in the crowd.

May be that a publicity stunt for TRPs or was he truly intrigued by serving the people? Furthermore actually jokes indicate the ailing mindset.

Carrying on with game shows may be a stunning ticket on part of onlookers for enthusiastic exercises.  Rating may be not all that. Ethical values Furthermore morals ought not a chance to be missed!