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“Pakistani TV is progressive” – Umera Ahmed

Drama writer and novelist Umera Ahmed needs absolutely no introduction. She is very popular among novel readers and television viewers in Pakistan. Lately, Umera Ahmed’s drama serial Zindagi Gulzar Hai went on air in India. Television viewers have been bowled over by the drama. While talking to Press Trust Of India Umera Ahmed said, “Our image is shown as a regressive country, which does not treat its women well. But we have so many women artists here. In fact, most of the television writers are women.”


Umera Ahmed said in her interview that she hopes that these dramas will help dispel away the misunderstandings that exist in India about Pakistani society. Pakistan does not only have women playing an active role in the drama industry but there are channels that are being run by women.

“Pakistani TV is progressive and hence, characters that are shown are of today as well.”

“A feeling of alienation existed in India about life in Pakistan, because most of what was known was negative. So, everyone used to believe that things in our country are always bad and we don’t lead very happy lives.”

“But this has changed to some extent. After watching our dramas, people now know that we [Pakistanis] lead our lives similar to the way they [Indians] live,” said Umera Ahmed.


Umera Ahmed’s play Maat will be replacing Zindagi Gulzar Hai on the Zindagi channel.