Pakistan’s First Kids’ Live-Action Superhero Film

There was a time when our Pakistani film Industry flourished like flowers in summers and then came the downfall. The downfall that lasted till a few years back when our film industry began its revival journey.

Chillar Force will be Pakistan’s first live-action superhero film for kids which will be another milestone for our film industry. Our film industry has started to explore all genres of films in the recent years and this is what was missing.

Auditions for the main cast consisting of five children was held all over the country and we are pleased to inform that a careful selection has been made of the leads. These five children will be trying to save Pakistan from different problems using their superhero abilities and skills in the film.

The audition took place between children of ages ranging from 8 to 12, and the selection on the basis of the 1 minute videos that they uploaded on YouTube. About ten thousand children ended up auditioning for the different roles in the film.

This film is being produced by Farhan Qaiser and is being formed under the banner of Persia film Productions. Along the children in the film, Ayesha Omar, Ahmed, Shafqat Cheema, Tipu, and Salim Miraj will also be working too.

Pakistan's First Kids' Live-Action Superhero Film

The chosen children are given special dancing and acting classes. The part of the film that is to be shot in Karachi is under work these days, Balochistan and Punjab are the other provinces where other parts of the film will be shot at.

The budget of the film is roughly eight million which isn’t a lot. It is no surprise though as getting a good budget for a movie featuring children is quite tough. Farhan Qaiser is determined to complete the film despite all the obstacles and hardships that come in the way of the success of this project and we wish him all the best for this film!


Arsala Khalid