PEMRA Not Happy with Bol News!

PEMRA is the authority that monitors what is displayed on our national channels. It has been pretty active since the last few months; suspending Ramazan game shows, sending these shows notices and recently banning the IGLOO ad.

Behold, the champ has striked again! This time Bol news is in trouble with PEMRA. The number of times that channel has gotten notices from PEMRA makes one think it would be very unusual at the news channel’s offices when they do not get a notice.

The culprit, as usual is, Amir Liaqat’s ‘Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga’. The reason for the notice has been reported to be the airing of Sadiq Taqvi’s controversial comments regarding a serving officer of the Armed officer by the name and exposing the identity of an officer posted in a war zone. This was in direct violation of PEMRA’s code of conduct, National Action Plan and operation Radd-ul-Fasad.

Here’s a copy of the notice:

PEMRA Not Happy with Bol News!

Arsala Khalid