People Criticizing Mahira Khan For Being Silent On Kashmir Issue

Kashmir has always been a disputed region between India and Pakistan because of its strategic location but the recent rise in tensions over Indian’s latest oppressive action in Kashmir are giving way to a whole world getting concerned toward the future of the valley. 

Pakistan Celebrities and local citizens are raising their voice against the violence of Indian atrocities. Many of our favorite celebrities have spoken up for the safety of Kashmir. But unfortunately, Mahira Khan kept herself away from this matter and focused more on her film. People started criticizing her for being silent on Kashmir issue. They thought that for Mahira her Bollywood reputation and fans were more important than innocent Kashmiris. 

People replied to her tweet that she should break the silence and speak in favor of Kashmiris. Sometimes every position has a price to pay and Mahira khan’s position in showbiz will help local Kashmiris in the long run. 

After all the criticism, Mahira khan finally posted a status that she stands in favor of Kashmir. She feels sad for all the innocent lives being lost and for all those who are facing this critical situation. 

#istandwithyou #kashmirbleeds 

Here are some tweets of people criticizing Mahira Khan for not speaking up against Indian violation on innocent Kashmiris.

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