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People React To National Anthem By Coke Studio!

Coke Studio is back with season 10. As for previous years Coke Studio always opens with a patriotic song. This time however Coke Studio chose to chorus the National Anthem. All the line up has participated in performing the Anthem. Many people are naturally impressed with the performance as it is our National Anthem. But some people had reservations from the way it was performed. See below some reactions people had after watching the opening anthem:

Some people plain loved it:

While others found it disappointing and pointed out the lack of passion:

People compared it to the finesse of earlier renditions of national songs too:

People didn’t get the goosebumps they were expecting:

Shafqat Amanat Ali was also not spared; seems like people didn’t forget India vs Pakistan’s match yet:

Love from our people of Occupied Kashmir was overwhelming:

How did you find Coke Studio’s rendition of the National Anthem? Share your thoughts!