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People React To Zayn Malik Leaving Islam

There are some celebrities who are not Pakistani but are still considered as so because of their old roots. Zayn Malik is one such star. Recently the ex one direction star gave an interview to the British Vogue. On getting asked about whether he is a Muslin or not he replied that he does not consider himself to be one. People were surprised and the Twitter went into a frenzy. Zayn has a knack for throwing social media into a frenzy it seems. Previously it happened when he announced his decision of leaving One Direction 1D. Then it was his breakup with then-fiance Perrie Edwards and now his recent statement has caused people to rush in a surprise. Here is what he said:

People were either having a meltdown and some were not even shocked as they found it pretty evident. Here are some of the reactions on the Twitter:

Zayn sure knows how to shock his fans and keeps doing it with his statements!